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Ricky is at it again, sharing his wisdom and knowledge about Columbus IN. Ricky did this once before titled 365 Facts about ColumbusIN. Ricky had provided a tweet every day about Columbus, some were duplicated so I don't think he reached his target of 365 facts about Columbus but he tried. Read those here


Ricky Berkey ‏@rickyberkey

Unannounced Trivia: Christy Mack is an Adult Film Entertainer (PORN Star) from Columbus Indiana

Trivia 264: Indiana Governor Mike Pence is a native of Columbus.

Trivia 263: There are unidentified Civil War soldiers buried in City Cemetery (probably died on trains heading North).

Trivia 262: Cerealine Flakes were not used only as a breakfast cereal but they were also used to brew beer!

Trivia 261: The AMCE (Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence) was designed by architect Cesar Pelli.

Trivia 260: The Columbus Visitors Center celebrates its partners and incredible volunteers at their annual meeting.

Trivia 259: The William Ruddick house (now the Ruddick-Nugent Bed & Breakfast) had the first bathtub in Columbus.

Trivia 258: "Round Lake" is a perfectly symmetrical circle in the middle of Mill Race Park.

Trivia 257: Columbus Regional Hospital has made the llist of  "Best Places to Work in Indiana" in multiple years.

Trivia 256:  McDowell school by John Carl Warnecke is a National Historic Landmark.

Trivia 255: The Bartholomew County Historical Society preserves our local history at their 3rd Street Museum.

Trivia 254: The Heritage Fund: our community foundation wisely guides local philanthropists, large and small.

Trivia 253: Have you tried DAGSs Homemade Ice Cream (and Bertie Jean's Foods) out on the West Hill?

Trivia 252: Four Seasons Retirement Center set new trends for this type of full-service facility.

Trivia 251: Fair Oaks Mall was named for the majestic trees which once graced the former fairgrounds property.

Trivia 250: The Mill Race park restrooms have a roofline on one side in the shape of an "M" with a "W" on the other.

Trivia 249: Satuma  Japanese Restaurant serves very authentic Japanese cuisine.

Trivia 248: Neighborfest! Is a summertime concert and downtown block party on the first Thursday of the month.

Trivia 247: The underside of the Miller House piano is painted red to provide visual interest from the "conversation pit".

Trivia 246: There are several Chinese companies involved in Columbus joint ventures.

Trivia 245: There are 17 Japanese companies in the Columbus area.

Trivia 244: Tipton Lakes is a planned community on the west side featuring apartments, condos and single-family homes.

Trivia 243: The annual Labor Day weekend concert in Mill Race Park has raised millions for HOSPICE.

Trivia 242: Original Alexander Girard designs can be found in many places around Columbus.

Trivia 241: Columbus Regional Hospital has a bird aviary in the lobby.

Trivia 240: Good food and aircraft views at Blackerby's Hanger 5 restaurant.

Trivia 239: Columbus Municipal Airport is very popular with private pilots as well as corporate jets.

Trivia 238: The first variable speed transmission was invented in Columbus by Milton O. Reeves

Trivia 237:  Donner Park used to be a privately owned area at the end of the trolley Line called "Perry's Grove"

Trivia 236: There is something for everyone at the Bartholomew County Memorial Library

Trivia 235: The former Irwin-Union bank at 500 Washington designed by Eero Saarinen is a National Historic Landmark

Trivia 234: Visit Lemleys Catering on Thursdays for a special Artisan Foodworks Market

Trivia 233: The AMCE (Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence) teaches advanced manufacturing skills

Trivia 232: Jackson Place  is a LEED certified, mixed-use residential development in downtown Columbus.

Trivia 231: The Columbus Merchants were a popular semi-pro baseball team playing from 1945-1952

Trivia 230: Dogs wait all year for the last swim at the Donner Park Swimming Pool. All dogs in the pool!

Trivia 229: Columbus City Farmers Market: the other Saturday morning market at Fair Oaks Mall parking lot

Trivia 228: Local military history is documented at the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum

Trivia 227: Generations of kids (and adults) have cooled off in the historic Donner Park swimming pool.

Trivia 226: Columbus was awarded the "Primacy of Place" Community award in 2013

Trivia 225: First Baptist Church designed by Harry Weese is a National Historic Landmark.

Trivia 224: Columbus has been rediscovered as a Mecca of MCM (mid-century modern) architecture!

Trivia 223: The Luckey Climber in the Commons is 45 ft tall & contains nearly 10 miles of steel aircraft cable for safe support.

Trivia 222: The kidsCommons features an indoor climbing wall that looks like the front of the building.

Trivia 221: You can always find unique and surprising art, gifts and books at the Columbus Area VISITORS CENTER.

Trivia 220: Columbus is the birthplace and home of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

Trivia 219: Columbus was named one of the "10 Most Affordable AND Livable Places for Retirement" by the AARP in 2011.

Trivia 218: J. Irwin Miller was named "Businessman of the Year" by Saturday Review magazine in 1968.

Trivia 217: We have a building designed by father/son architects: John M. and Christian Johansen.

Trivia 216: We have buildings designed by father/son architects: Paul and Kevin Kennon.

Trivia 215: We have National Historic Landmark buildings designed by father/son architects: Eliel and Eero Saarinen.

Trivia 214:  2 members of the famed jazz vocal group, THE FOUR FRESHMEN grew up in Columbus (Ross & Don Barbour).

Trivia 213: The courthouse clock was turned on and illuminated with gas lights on April 3, 1875.

Trivia 212: The early 70's saw Cummins diversifying itself with K2 skiing equipment and Jansport backpacks.

Trivia 211: The early 30's found Cummins making engines for locomotives and briefly the entire locomotive.

Trivia 210: Gramz Bakery & Café - pastries, breads, food and coffee…downtown.

Trivia 209: Columbus is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Trivia 208: Columbus has an annual adult Spelling Bee to benefit literacy in Bartholomew County.

Trivia 207: Skateboarders designed and raised funds for the Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark in Clifty Park.

Trivia 206: Columbus Youth Camp has been serving generations of kids (and adults) since 1935.

Trivia 205: Columbus was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning program with Charles Osgood.

Trivia 204: Bicyclists love our easy-riding scenic flat areas as well as the challenging hills to the west.

Trivia 203: VIEWPOINT BOOKS is a great independent bookstore in downtown Columbus since 1973.

Trivia 202: A stroll through City Cemetery is a walk through Columbus history.

Trivia 201: North Christian Church (designed by Eero Saarinen) is acclaimed as a Sacred Space.

Trivia 200: Columbus City Hall features a painting by Robert Indiana.

Trivia 199: The first concrete sidewalk in Columbus was in front of the John Storey house (now the Visitors Center).

Trivia 198: Cummins consistently ranks high on the list of the world's "Most Ethical Companies."

Trivia 197: Downtown Columbus is an unexpected treasury of urban design.

Trivia 196: Have you stayed in our lovely Bartholomew County Jail? (designed by Don Hisaka).

Trivia 195: Look for the Snow (from the Zamboni) behind  the Hamilton Center Ice Skating rink (even in July)!

Trivia 194: The Republic is a family owned newspaper published by five  generations of the Brown family.

Trivia 193: Will you enter the Greased Pig Contest or the  Pie Eating Contest at the Bartholomew County Fair?

Trivia 192: 5th Street in Columbus has often been called the "Avenue of the Architects".

Trivia 191: Kiwanis chicken dinners are a must at the Bartholomew County Fair

Trivia 190: NASCAR legend Tony Stewart is still racing at the Bartholomew County Fair.

Trivia 189: 4H Youth projects are always in the spotlight at the Bartholomew County Fair.

‎Trivia 188: You must eat the Homemade Ice Cream served by the Rural Youth group at the Bartholomew County Fair.

Trivia 187: The Demolition Derby is always a sellout at the Bartholomew County Fair.

Trivia 186: Going to the Bartholomew County Fair is a Columbus tradition.

Trivia 185: The first railroad train arrived in Columbus on July 1st, 1844.

Trivia 184: You can spend a whole day or more exploring nearby Exit 76 Antique Mall!

Trivia 183: Dan Kiley landscape designs can be found all over Columbus.

Trivia 182: The old Dairy Queen on 25th Street was famous for its waving clown sign.

Trivia 181: Columbus was once designated as the "center of population" in the United States.

Trivia 180: The Purdue College of Technology offers technical and engineering degree programs in Columbus.

Trivia 179: There are 6 LUSTRON homes in Columbus, Indiana

Trivia 178: Freedom Field is an "all-inclusive" playground where kids of differing physical abilities can all play together.

Trivia 177: Bob Hope made an appearance in Columbus in 1957

Trivia 176: Columbus native Tim Hittle is a successful Hollywood animation artist.

Trivia 175: There is a Henry Moore sculpture in our library plaza.

Trivia 174: "Pioneer Days" was a once popular downtown festival with rides, games and booths. 

Trivia 173: The Columbus Farmers Market has become a downtown tradition 

Trivia 172: People come from near and far to shop at nearby Edinburgh Premium Outlet Mall.

Trivia 171: We have 7 buildings designed by Pritzker Prize winning architects. 

Trivia 170: Columbus celebrates "Juneteenth" observing the official ending of slavery in the US

Trivia 169: the Girlfriend Ride is a female bicycle event and fundraiser against domestic violence

Trivia 168: Columbus had the first diesel-powered fire truck in the US, a 1937 Stutz. 

Trivia 167: Rhoades Aviation offers flying lessons at Columbus Municipal Airport 

Trivia 166: Otter Creek Golf Course is among the highest rated public golf courses in the US

Trivia 165: Tom Thompson once led a Spike Jones tribute band called "The Junior City Slickers" 

Trivia 164: Columbus has a thriving and  mixed economy comprised of manufacturing, service/retail  and tourism

Trivia 163: Columbus Young Professionals (CYP) offers networking and social opportunities

Trivia 162: Hotel Indigo in Columbus has a canine "goodwill ambassador" named Miles living in the lobby

Trivia 161: "Soups by Design" is a great quick lunch stop with the entrance just off Friendship Alley

Trivia 160: J. Irwin Miller was on the cover of the October 1967 issue of Esquire magazine

Trivia 159: Columbus Regional Hospital was closed for nearly 6 months after the  flooding of June 2008

Trivia 158: We faced the worst flooding in Columbus history on June 7th, 2008 

Trivia 157: There was once a Tucker dealership opened downtown and ready to sell the Tucker automobile.

Trivia 156: Ivy Tech State Community College - Columbus offers numerous degree & certificate programs. 

Trivia 153: The Olympic Torch enroute to the Atlanta games passed through Columbus on June 5th, 1996.

Trivia 152: DOGS (and their owners) love the Columbus Indiana Dog Park!  

Trivia 151: The Commons features an  indoor childrens playground including a "Luckey Climber". 

Trivia 150: St. Peters Lutheran School is one of the largest Lutheran Schools in Indiana.

Trivia 149: The RUDDICK-NUGENT HOUSE B&B is a hidden retreat near downtown Columbus

Trivia 148: Sweet Rose Bakehouse is a delicious hidden gem on Home Avenue. 

Trivia 147: Columbus honors our fallen heroes on Memorial day

Trivia 146: Cummins sponsored winning car #25 in the 1987 Indy 500 driven by Al Unser Sr.  

Trivia 145: Clessie Cummins was in the pit crew of the winning Marmon Wasp  at the 1st Indy 500 in 1911 

Trivia 144: Cummins Diesel-powered car #28 won the pole position at the Indy 500 in 1952 

Trivia 143: Cummins Diesel-powered car #61 (the "Green Hornet") ran in the 1950 Indy 500

Trivia 142: There were 2 cars in the 1934 Indy 500 powered by Cummins Diesel engines.  

Trivia 141: Cummins Diesel powered car #8 ran the entire 1931 Indy 500 race without a pit stop

Trivia 140: Arvin Industries first product was a tire pump.

Trivia 139: The site of First Christian Church was formerly a railroad yard called "Railroad Square".

Trivia 138: home of talented artist Cathe Burris who passed away in 2011. 

Trivia 137: DELL BROTHERS  - fine mens clothing in downtown Columbus since 1916.

Trivia 136: Jamie Hyneman  of TV's  "Mythbusters" grew up in Columbus

Trivia 135: BAKERS FINE GIFTS in downtown Columbus since 1984.

Trivia 134: Enjoy year round Ice Skating at the Hamilton Center.

Trivia 133: Enjoy Roller Skating at Columbus Skateland. 

Trivia 132: The Pritzker Prize for Architecture Award Ceremony was held in Columbus in 1994

Trivia 131: Columbus-built Cummins Diesel engines have powered 5 cars at the Indy 500 race.

Trivia 130: Our annual "American Pie" concert by Columbus HS students celebrates social history via music

Trivia 129: Arvin once built television sets in Columbus

Trivia 128: The only golf course you will ever find me on is the Columbus Putt-Putt Fun Center. 

Trivia 127: Columbus, Indiana has a sister city relationship with Wuxi, China

Trivia 126: "Chaos" is an incredible kinetic art sculpture by Jean Tinguely inside the Commons. 

Trivia 125: Our Library was designed by I.M. Pei http://owl.li/kFKir 

Trivia 124: Our rival Columbus High Schools have shared ONE prom for many years.

Trivia 123: Home of the Mill Race Monster??? 

Trivia 122: Noted fashion designer Stephen Sprouse grew up in Columbus. 

Trivia 121: Indiana Wesleyan University has a Columbus center offering unique & flexible degree programs 

Trivia 120: Columbus has two major Dale CHIHULY installations.

Trivia 119: Columbus, Indiana has a "sister city" relationship with Lohne, Germany. 

Trivia 118: Columbus Indiana is truly "Different by Design".


Trivia 117: Columbus Rugby Football Club - bringing the sport of Rugby to youth and adults. 


Trivia 116: Some still call Tony Stewart the rushville rocket but he's always been the Columbus Comet.

Trivia 115: Columbus Area Arts Council - Connecting our community to Art, Music and much more.

Trivia 114: Kristen Brown, our 36th Mayor received more votes than any mayor  in city history.  

Trivia 113: Former Mayor Armstrong served a record 4 terms in office - thanks for 16 years Mayor Fred!

Trivia 112: Columbus and East Columbus used to be two separate towns.

Trivia 111: City Transit & Visitor's Center bus driver Derek Johnson was winner of the 2013 Indiana Transportation Roadeo!

Trivia 110: The Miller House and Garden is a National Historic Landmark. 

Trivia 109: CANstruction is our annual design contest - building with canned food to aid our food banks

Trivia 108: Unique gourmet dining in downtown Columbus at BISTRO 310.

Trivia 107: Collectors around the world treasure their ARVIN radios built in Columbus, Indiana USA 

Trivia 106: Columbus was a feature story in the Sept 1978 issue of National Geographic magazine.

Trivia 105: Hurry to see the blooming Magnolia trees  surrounding North Christian Church.

Trivia 104: There are 77 blooming Aristocrat Pear trees along Washington Street downtown. 

Trivia 103: Did you miss the DAFFODILS blooming? A springtime tradition.

Trivia 102: Columbus was named as one of the "Dozen Distinctive Destinations" in 2005. 

Trivia 101: We have the world’s largest TOILET – a very unique slide at the kidscommons.  

Trivia 100: The OctoAuto was a 8 wheeled car invented by the Reeves Company in 1911. 

Trivia 099: Kristen Brown is only the 2nd female mayor in Columbus history.

Trivia 098: Columbus was featured in LIFE magazine in the Nov 17, 1967 issue.

Trivia 097: We have a "sister city" relationship with Xiangyang City, China. 

Trivia 096: President Obama came to Columbus while campaigning for his first term.

Trivia 095: We were ranked 6th in the nation for architectural innovation and design quality by the AIA in 1991.

Trivia 094: The Tuskegee Airman trained here during WW2 at the Atterbury Army Air Field (Bakalar AFB). 

Trivia 093: Natural Choices For Healthful Living - a Columbus market specializing in "real" food.

Trivia 092: John Mellencamp (then Johnny Cougar!) played one of his first concerts at our Crump Theatre

Trivia 090: We are only a hour and three-quarters away from Cincinnati.

Trivia 089: Columbus is only an hour and a quarter from Louisville.

Trivia 088: Columbus is less than a hours drive south of Indianapolis.

Trivia 087: MUSILLAMIS DRIVE-IN -- Car hops still taking and serving your order right to your vehicle!

Trivia 086: BECKERS DRIVE-IN has been serving hot food and ice cold mugs of Root Beer since 1949.

Trivia 085: The Reeves company sold their famous split wood pulley around the globe.

Trivia 084: GQ magazine listed Columbus as one of the "62 Reasons to Love Your Country".

Trivia 083: The median age of Columbus residents is 37.1 years.

Trivia 082: The median household income in Columbus is $49,550.


Trivia 081: Home of IUPUC (Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus). http://www.iupuc.edu/ 

Trivia 080: Years ago many local kids learned to swim under the watchful eye of a drifter named "Jack the Bum"....

Trivia 079: Columbus Indiana is Unexpected and Unforgettable!

Trivia 078: The beloved Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker was named for Columbus native Charles Taylor....

Trivia 077: Cerealine Flakes was one of the first products from Columbus to be marketed nationally.http://ow.ly/i/1I5N6 

Trivia 076: Jazz violinist Cathy Morris grew up in Columbus. 

Trivia 075: Columbus was established as a town in 1821.

Trivia 074: The Diesel engine was perfected in Columbus Indiana by Clessie Cummins.


Trivia 073: We offer regular tours of our community given by motivated, enthusiastic volunteers…like me.

Trivia 072: The SextoAuto was a 6 wheeled car invented by the Reeves Company in 1912.http://ow.ly/i/1G2zA 

Trivia 071: Harland Sanders once ran a business here (before he was a Colonel and before KFC).

Trivia 070: WHUM radio at 98.5 FM may be the most eclectic radio station in the world!

Trivia 069: We have many buildings designed by Harry Weese.

Trivia 068: Our Columbus City Band dates back to 1847.

Trivia 067: The Columbus Area Visitors Center showcases Columbus and the surrounding area to the world! 

Trivia 066: The bridge in Mill Race Park is the oldest single lane covered bridge in Indiana (1840). http://ow.ly/i/1DPoc 

Trivia 065: Columbus has an amazing collection of public parks and walking trails.

Trivia 064: CUMMINS Inc. was founded and still has it's HQ and many employees in Columbus. 

Trivia 063: The first elected Mayor in Columbus, Indiana  was named SMITH JONES.

Trivia 062: Home of the Columbus Icemen hockey team..

Trivia 061: Cowboy film star  Ken Maynard grew up in Columbus (he was the first singing cowboy). 


Trivia 060: We have surprising pieces of public art & sculpture nearly everywhere you look.

Trivia 059: We are listed in the book “1,000 Places to See in the USA & Canada Before You DIE”.  Hurry!

Trivia 058: Frank Lloyd Wright designed one house for Columbus but it was never built.

Trivia 057: CERAland is a 345 acre membership-based recreation facility celebrating it's 50th anniversary....

Trivia 056: Our population from the 2010 census was 44,061 (Bartholomew county as a whole was 76,794).

Trivia 055: Columbus has public restrooms downtown in the Commons!

Trivia 054: Columbus has a thriving Hispanic population enriching our diverse culture.

Trivia 053: Columbus has an emerging female Roller Derby league - "Terrorz of Tiny Towns"! 

Trivia 052: We once had 2 competing phone companies so many business owners had 2 different phone numbers.

Trivia 051 : Columbus is home to Marilyn Brackney, talented artist and arts educator.

Trivia 050: Columbus Indiana is home to TWO symphonic orchestras.

Trivia 049: Our ColumBUS public transit system offers rides around town for only 25 cents!

Trivia 048: Columbus, Indiana has a "sister city" relationship with Miyoshi, Japan.

Trivia 047: Columbus Regional Hospital was named the 5th most beautiful hospital in the USA.


Trivia 046: Millions of Duncan Yo-Yos were manufactured in Columbus by Flambeau Inc.

Trivia 045: Bill Clinton slept in room 322 of the Hotel Indigo in downtown Columbus!

Trivia 044: J. Irwin Miller owned and played both a Stradivarius and a Guarnerius violin.

Trivia 043: The former Commons Mall was originally called the Courthouse Center.

Trivia 042: Louis Armstrong once performed a concert in Columbus but sadly had trouble getting served a meal.

Trivia 041: Ricky Berkey was not born in Columbus on this day in 1956.

Trivia 040: The Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives (CIAA) preserves the story of our of our architecture....

Trivia 039: Columbus was named as an "All-America City" in 1994.

Trivia 038: Columbus is home to Tim Grimm, noted singer/songwriter, actor and hay farmer. http://timgrimm.com/ 

Trivia 037: Part of our beautiful Mill Race Park was once known as "Death Valley". http://ow.ly/i/1tLJ2 

Trivia 036: Our city was named in honor of Christopher Columbus.

Trivia 035: Columbus was originally intended to be named Tiptona for Gen. John Tipton but rival politics intervened.

Trivia 034: Pleasant indoor shopping at FAIR OAKS MALL. http://ht.ly/hnpEN 

Trivia 033: Many of our earliest settlers were German Lutherans.

Trivia 032: We are the home of the very independent religious seeker called "The Old Prophet" http://ht.ly/hkHLE 

Trivia 031: Look for our unique bicycle racks all over town (based on Paul Rand's "Dancing C's" design). http://ow.ly/i/1rYpJ 

Trivia 030: Columbus has one infamous traffic roundabout … more to come!

Trivia 029: Columbus was described as a "a symphony in stone" by Lady Bird Johnson during her visit here.

Trivia 028: The famous Hopalong Cassidy radio was built in Columbus by Arvin Industries. 

Trivia 027: We have 3 Eero Saarinen buildings (all are National Historic Landmarks).

Trivia 026: The COSCO brand name originally stood for Columbus Specialties Co.


Trivia 025: Cummins Inc. was founded in 1919 by Clessie Cummins and W.G. Irwin. http://ht.ly/h7GXx 

Trivia 024: Columbus, Indiana was once described as "Camelot in the Cornfields".

Trivia 023: Columbus, Indiana was once described as "Athens on the Prairie".

Trivia 022: Columbus was the home of SAPS Donuts, still fondly remembered by many.

Trivia 021: We pause to remember the lessons and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Trivia 020: Columbus enacted a ban on Pinball machines in 1942 that wasn't officially lifted until 1976.

Trivia 019: Columbus is currently home to four microbreweries. Not really, 2 are outside city limits.

Trivia 018: The first County Courthouse was in a Columbus log cabin in 1821.

Trivia 017: We have 2 public High Schools - Columbus North (the Bulldogs!) and Columbus East (the Olympians!).

More random Images of Columbus, Indiana by Ricky Berkey #ColumbusIN http://ht.ly/gS70t 

Random Images of Columbus, Indiana by Ricky Berkey #ColumbusIN http://ht.ly/gS6HG 

Trivia 016: Columbus remembers our dear friend, architectural photographer Balthazar Korab. http://ht.ly/gRCLj 

Ricky is at it again sharing his wonderful knowledge about Columbus Indiana. If you remember Ricky did this for a whole year titled 365 Facts about ColumbusIN read those here.

Trivia 015: Rock star Jimmy Ryser ("Same Old Look") grew up in Columbus. http://ht.ly/gP9yi 

Trivia 014: Mill Race Park once featured a small excursion train powered by a steam locomotive.

Trivia 013: Columbus is a stop along the "Indiana Glass Trail." http://ht.ly/gLYN2 

Trivia 012: Columbus was a pioneer in using public/private partnerships to improve our community.

Trivia 011: TOYOTA forklift trucks are manufactured in Columbus.

Trivia 010: Columbus was formerly home to Bakalar Air Force Base.

Trivia 009: The hit song "Hillbilly Heaven" by Tex Ritter was written by Columbus native Hal Southern (Harold Clark).

Trivia 008: We were named as one of the "10 Most Playful Towns in America" by Nick Jr. Family Magazine.

Trivia 007: The downtown Dairy Queen was Tony Stewart's first racing (go-carts) sponsor at the age of 12.

Trivia 006: John Kennedy (JFK) once campaigned here but lost his voice and couldn't say a word!

Trivia 005: Home of Hoosier Pro Wrestling (HPW) - professional wrasslin' at its finest!

Trivia 004: Columbus, Indiana is home to 7 National Historic Landmark buildings.

Trivia 003: Eastbrook Plaza Shopping Center opened in 1960 at the corner of 25th & National Road.

Trivia 002: Amelia Earhart made a personal appearance and speech in Columbus in 1936. She arrived by car.

Trivia 001: There was once a Garfield lookalike contest in the Commons with 200 cats being judged by artist Jim Davis.



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These are delightful!!! Thank you for sharing some of the more obscure history of Columbus through these trivial but fascinating facts.
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amanda 29/07/2013 15:09:02
Very cool
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Columbus is unique and not enough people realize it!
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