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1 year after the Flood – The Mayor to dedicate high water marks through out Columbus


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Its been almost one year after the flood hit Columbus Indiana and surrounding areas. Many people are still rebuilding their lives and some have just left their homes since they couldn’t afford or didn’t have insurance to cover the damages.

The city is working on putting together an event on June 7th starting around 3:30 at the 17th Street Bridge where the Mayor and Commissioners will read a Proclamation and dedicate a high water marker. This same Proclamation and dedication will also be done at 4:30 in Mill Race Park at the wooden bridge. At 5pm the church bells will ring for one minute across the county to end the year anniversary of the Flood.

The Pipers will also play and the city is thinking about inviting people to bring a picnic lunch to have at Mill Race park. Of course we are still hoping going to have the Flood DVD Photolicious Keepsakes and CPS staff along with the community put together played at YesCinema on the 7th at 1:30, this is a free showing.  

Don’t forget we are still seeking stories, Photos, videos to place online at www.columbusflood2008.comcurrently we have over 2200 photos. 

Photolicious Keepsakes website is www.photoliciouskeepsakes.com also we still have Flood Books published by Photolicious Keepsakes  containing photos submitted by the community for sale, please visit this page for further information on the book.

DRAFT ONLY (May 26, 2009)


JUNE 7, 2009


1:30 – 2:30 P.M.                Free showing of the Flood DVD at YES Cinema


Meet at Seventeenth Bridge

Meet along the People Trail below the bridge.  There is plenty of parking in the Lot for the doctor’s building just west of the hospital.  The Indiana Pipers will play while walking across the bridge (along the sidewalk on the northwest side).


3:15 P.M.                             Southern Indiana Pipes and Drum

3:20 P.M.                             Welcome by County Commissioners

                                               (May include a moment of silence)          

3:25 P.M.                             Commissioner Reads Proclamation

3:30 P.M.                             Commissioner’s remarks

Mayor’s remarks

Commissioner – Read Plaque dedicating high water marker     

3:45 P.M.                             Close




Meet at wooden bridge in Mill Race Park and walk to the wooden bridge.  There are steps leading down to a walkway. The Indiana Pipers will play as they walk across the wooden bridge.


4:15 P.M.                             Southern Indiana Pipes and Drums

4:25:P.M.                             Welcome by Mayor Fred L. Armstrong

4:35 P.M.                             Mayor Reads Proclamation

                                                (May include a moment of silence)

4:45 P.M.                             Mayor’s remarks and Commissioner’s remarks

4:55 P.M.                             Mayor – Read Plaque dedicating high water marker

5:00 P.M.                             Church bells ring across the County



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