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Bob Freemans wife was rescued during the flood. His story


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The people of the City of Columbus that so many like to complain about, and the others who volunteered that day, are heroes in my book.

I didn’t dream they would have to evacuate the hospital. I remember thinking how glad I was she was on the third floor, in case the water got up high enough to affect the hospital. But I never dreamed the hospital would be flooded. I guess I just assumed it was safe.

I didn’t learn of the evacuation until I saw Fred Armstrong in Wal-Mart buying food and water for the rescuers. By that time, they were loading buses and helicopters to get people out. I had driven by the hospital an hour earlier bringing my niece from Candlelight to my house. She had waded out in chest deep water with 3 toddlers.

I have heard and read so many complaints about what happened that day. We had a wall of water come roaring through our town. I think we had 9 or 11 inches of rain in a couple of hours, and that was after weeks of rain had the ground saturated. But people came out to help. Instinct took over for most and people helped people.

When I showed up at the hospital to pick Kathy up, she was in her hospital gown, in a wheelchair, in the parking lot, with Jim Clouse tending to her.

I have seen Jim around town and have always received friendly hellos and short exchanges with him. I don’t know him well, but I like what I know.

On the day of the flood, when I pulled up and saw him standing there, holding Kathy’s wheelchair, I learned everything I needed to know about him. To me Jim is a hero. And to me, he’s among many heroes.

When you see people hauling total strangers of deep water, or when you see the mayor standing next to a raging creek helping direct traffic, or people in waist deep water going door to door to make sure people are safe, you’re seeing heroes. And when you drive by and see neighbors helping neighbors clear their belongings out of mud to dry on the lawn or hear about Eastside Community Center feeding flood victims daily for weeks, you see heroes.

This city is full of heroes. And your DVD tells part of the story of those heroes.


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