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Amanda Taylor’s Thoughts on the Flood DVD


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I just finished watching the DVD. I knew in advance that it was going to be emotional, but I didn’t have any idea it would be so powerful and moving. This DVD is awesome. The pictures and captions are so clear and come together so well. The music that it is set to makes it hit even harder, for me music enhances any memory. I was not affected physically by the flood, but definitely affected emotionally.

Just being close to someone, one of my best friend’s lost everything that night, and seeing first hand what it had done to her has really put things in perspective for me. That is the only good that I can say has come out of this. It makes me much more thankful for everything that I have, and I find myself appreciating everything so much more now.

This DVD does the same. I am confident that it will hurt you inside to watch, but I am also confident that it will make you proud of your community as well. I am so very impressed with the way it shows everything in a “time line” before, during, and after. To Columbus Man and Lynn, I am so thankful and proud to know both of you. What you are doing for the community is wonderful.

I know you are not doing this for any kind of recognition; you are doing it so that people like me can see what happened that day, and what is still going on as far as clean up. You show us the “real” people involved, and the community pulling together like they should. I feel that everyone should watch this DVD and for those who won’t or those that have anything negative at all to say about it, I can only hope that they never have to endure this sort of devastation, and pray that they will someday open their eyes, take a look around and realize that this is far from being over.

It is so easy for something like this to happen and for people to quickly forget. I too, am one of those people. This is just human nature, no one’s fault, it just happens…all too often. These pictures and captions help you to remember what it was like on that day, and really see the kind of damage that was done. There are so many people out there still trying to do the best they can to re-build and live as much of a normal life as possible right now.

This is not something that has passed; it will be a long time before anyone can honestly say that it has. By putting this DVD together, not only are you helping people like myself, you are raising these donations for the victims here in Bartholomew County and that is to be commended.

I cannot emphasize this enough, anyone out there contemplating buying one, or trying to decide if it is worth it, let me say…Please do this. Not only will you be helping the community with a donation, you are getting something that will stay with you in your heart and mind for years to come. Once again, thank you Lynn. Thank you Columbus Man.


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