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Sold over 49 DVD’s at Concert on City Hall Lawn


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We sold all 49 DVDs at the Concert Saturday. I donated one to the Heritage Fund, to keep. I just can’t believe that we raised over $500 for the flood victims in less than 6 hours!!!

We took the money that those who donated on this site, bought the materials, along with the dvds that the city of columbus dontated, and the ink and labels that i already had, and turned that into $500!!! So, i just wanted to thank those people that donated on this site. YOu guys helped us turn your money into,what would that be? I think it was around $50 and turn it into over $525.. It’s still unbelievable!

I just wanted to thank everyone!

Also, i have sat down and watched the video and there are a couple of changes that will be making to it. So anyone that purchases online or calls me to order a dvd will be getting the newest version. The City of Columbus just left me with a crunch deadline by wanting it this Saturday by 10 am! And i didn’t know what i was in for with all the printing and burning of DVDs.. Columbus Private Server and I worked around the clock to have them all ready for the Concert.. I’m still proud of it.. I just want to tweak a couple of areas on the video. I hope everyone likes the video.

The video is 51 minutes long, and covers all the areas of the flood that people donated pictures of. If anyone has some areas that we did not recieve, i will be happy to add that to the video. I didn’t get too many of garden city, wehmeier(need spelling) addition, that neighborhood across from the clover center(i think griffa is one of the streets there) and the area across from eastbrook plaza where hawcreek blvd intersects with national rd. 


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