Another Decision by Coroner Larry Fisher

Does the coroner even know what an autopsy is?


Our local skateboard riding dog is trying to win. Won't you please help out?

Owsley Case: No apologies? No explanations?

Other thoughts that keep coming back to me.


Turnips to the unmarked officer who "buzzed" by the biker on Terrace Lake

So, tonight on my ride I got buzzed by a car on Terrace Lake Rd. (I actually haven't had this happen in quite awhile). The reason I'm mentioning it is because the piece of crap who did it was a ... (Read 1046 times) 3 Full story

Kristen Brown has room on City Staff for ALL Lifelong friends! No Questions Asked! Go Mitch!

We will never know why Dave Allmon was not picked the first time, or any of the other very qualified candidates from within the CFD. We will never know why she interviewed some and not others. We do that that ... (Read 1232 times) 4 Full story

Turnips to speeding school bus drivers

Bus drivers drive too fast! I was on my way to Ceraland to a Cross Country meet and the School bus ran a red light. I was like wow! It's really crazy how they bus drivers drive anymore. This happened ... (Read 1053 times) 16 Full story

Man arrested after allegedly driving drunk, almost hitting car and house says witness

Dumba*s was all over the road and almost took out the prelude and a house! (Read 1221 times) 6 Full story

Greensburg Schools Sued!! The mother of teen who was a victim of bullying at Greensburg High School has filed a lawsuit against the school and several administrators. More to come! ... (Read 1178 times) 0 Full story

Kristen Brown the Bully

Not only is she a foul-mouthed bully, she is a liar. Kristen promised a merit system for all employees where raises would be based on evaluations yet in her first year for her first budget, she is out to take ... (Read 3270 times) 0 Full story

Kristen Brown only thinks 7 employees are important instead of all City Employees

  It doesn't come as a shock that our mayor Kristen Brown wants to increase the pay of her favorite employees who she thinks are the only crucial employees Columbus has. The Republic wrote about the raises yesterday and mentioned the ... (Read 1911 times) 2 Full story

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