The Redevelopment Plan for Columbus Indiana Under Jim Lienhoop

The redevelopment plan of mayor elect Lienhoop must be to continue to attack and try to discredit the outgoing mayor Kristen Brown. Recently the Republic

Solicitors are to have a City of Columbus permit

- it will say "City of Columbus"


Kristen Brown only thinks 7 employees are important instead of all City Employees

  It doesn't come as a shock that our mayor Kristen Brown wants to increase the pay of her favorite employees who she thinks are the only crucial employees Columbus has. The Republic wrote about the raises yesterday and mentioned the ... (Read 2372 times) 2 Full story

Joel Thacker, the outsider quits Columbus - or Kristen Fired him!

Joel Thacker has quit his position as Chief after almost 6 months of service to Columbus. He claims it is because of personal reasons, but we all know this was either a play by Kristen Brown or he is fed ... (Read 3861 times) 8 Full story

Kristen Brown's assistant resigns after 4 months of service...

Kristen  Brown admin person resigned after only 4 months. I assume she got tired of hearing the Mayor use the F bomb in city hall. I believe Columbus needs a treatment policy to treat people with dignity and respect that ... (Read 5865 times) 4 Full story

Got a question for Kristen Brown? Record them and her answers send to us

Columbus Mayor Kristen Brown will be at the Columbus in Bloom tent at the downtown Columbus Farmer's Market from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday. ... (Read 3839 times) 0 Full story

Mayor Kristen Brown's parents part of group that won $14 million Hoosier Lotto

What a lucky Mayor we have, even though she didn't win the lottery directly she won it indirectly. Jay-C where the winning ticket was sold is located at 4290 Jonathon Moore Pike in Columbus and will receive a $100,000 ... (Read 4007 times) 4 Full story

Kristen Brown abandons "Ask the Mayor" after she was "ambushed" to be Transparent

It was May 2, 2012 when Kristen was last on WFIU's Ask the Mayor. A segment the former Mayor, Fred Armstrong was on monthly from as early as February 2008 until his departure as Mayor of Columbus 2012. Kristen has ... (Read 6265 times) 8 Full story

Come on Kristen Brown - are you kidding me???

In all honesty, I don't understand asking for raises for employees who have only worked for the city for at the most 5 - 6 months - the city attorney wasn't hired until well after Mayor Brown took office, her ... (Read 4035 times) 4 Full story

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