Councilman Dascal Bunch home involved in another "indecent expose" report

Councilman Bunch's home is involved in another indecent exposure report where cpd had to go out. Police record reports Tuesday 1/12/16 as the incident "Tuesday

Truths About Your Elected Officials- Bankruptcy, inappropriate behavior in front of children, tax warrants... the list continues

 I think its time people know the truth about some of our elected officials. These people are responsible for making decisions about your tax money.

Columbus in financial crisis? Pfft, that's what the officials want you to believe

The election is over and Kristen Brown, your current mayor lost to Jim Lienhoop. Lienhoop and the incumbent city council were backed by the Republican


Kristen Brown believes she needs to remind people she is doing "good"

A letter published by her paper TheRepublic.com so we decided to break down what she talked about... :) Our comments are in Red. ... (Read 9525 times) 0 Full story

Firemen scared of losing jobs - today a mandatory meeting to occur after gag order issued

Today some firemen are worried about the outcome of a mandatory meeting happening today at the Learning Center with all the Fire Departments. With all the changes taking place, all the men being shuffled around without any reason. Oh, a ... (Read 5535 times) 0 Full story

David Allmon, remember the fifteen thousand dollars of union money that was stolen?

  Leslie David Allmon.....president of the Columbus Chapter of Firefighters union when fifteen thousand dollars of union money was stolen.  As president, he was supposed to call for an annual audit of the chapters financial bookkeeping. He failed to do so. I ... (Read 6799 times) 0 Full story

Kristen Brown issues gag order to Fire Departments

In light of what Columbuzz does, by allowing those to express what is happening in Columbus without being known has hit a nerve and has Kristen pulling out all the stops.  Kristen & and new Fire Chief Dave Allmon has a ... (Read 5079 times) 11 Full story

President of CDI, Susan Thayer Fye, Responds to article about CDI

We appreciate Susan taking the time to respond to the article we posted. ... (Read 5758 times) 8 Full story

Kristen Brown sending City of Columbus into financial battle with developer

  It isn't any secret about how Kristen Brown thinks and acts, but now, it seems she doesn't think the developers of "The Cole" apartments should be paid the promised incentive of $300,000. The cushion was made under the previous mayor ... (Read 3792 times) 7 Full story

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