Letter from the Communications and Community Development Manager, who was terminated by the Lienhoop Administration

Another example of the Lienhoop Administration’s practice of Cronyism….If you wore a “IN for Jim” button…you get a city job regardless of your qualifications. This

Collaboration and consensus are not to be reached with intimidation and coercion. This should not be “the Columbus Way.”

I watched the streaming video of the city’s Board of Works meeting that took place on  1/26/2016 . I must say I was appalled at

2015 Letter: City deserves better than dysfunction from Mary K. Ferdon - NOW Reality 2016

Columbus Full disclosure: I am a volunteer with the Jim Lienhoop for mayor campaign. However, I am also a former member of Mayor Kristen Brown’s administration


Detour Restaurant Budgets $150,000 to Fight Mayor Brown's Bullying

Detour Restaurant vs. Kristen Brown ... (Read 8720 times) 3 Full story

Kristen Brown's Father Tom Brown says "we cannot get rid of these "Detour" people too soon"

It seems the Brown family has already decided to kick the Detour employees and their families out of town. Brown sounds excited for such hard times to fall on these unfortunate people. The lack of sympathy for the people caught ... (Read 10562 times) 3 Full story

Frankly, if Kristen ends up resigning before the end of her term and the Republicans replace her...

P101 has been fairly transparent in championing Hutch Schumaker as a Democratic candidate for Mayor. I would suggest Hutch is fatally flawed, having reaped plenty of personal gain from the villainous CDI's downtown activities. And while being Republican Mayor Bob ... (Read 6982 times) 1 Full story


During the last campaign for Mayor, there was a rumor circulating about possible issues of mental illness involving Kristen Brown. The rumors never grew any legs and were dismissed but they did come, in part, from people who I would ... (Read 12359 times) 19 Full story

Thank God for the City Council and especially their leader for standing up to Kristen's bullying

Her bullying, her rudeness, her poor language, her lack of skill and care in treating city employees and the people who elected her is beyond rookie mistakes - she is just mean. Keep up the good work Jim! ... (Read 6674 times) 1 Full story

I'm almost embarrassed for Kristens bullying tactics...

We received this today... "So disappointed, Orchids in the Republic are just someones opinion. HERE IS ANOTHER... Mayor Brown IS NOT THE BEST MAY OR COLUMBUS HAS EVERY HAD! I am almost embarrassed of her for the bullying tactics she uses ... (Read 5998 times) 3 Full story


It is no secret that the Republican establishment, i.e. Ted Ogle and the loyalists (many who begrudgingly) supported K.B. are working hard on finding a suitable replacement. Republican leaders have tried to talk to her and reason with her but ... (Read 4516 times) 2 Full story

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