The republic demands Facebook post of Justin Hohn (Cummins Engineer) be removed

Update: apparently the print edition is now clarifying that Lienhoop shared his plans in a Republic interview, not at city council. But this actually makes the deception worse. It means that Jim Lienhoop knew that the funds were destined to go to EDB, yet pretended that no plans had been made and obfuscated a great deal on that point. Why? He campaigned on using economic development board, why pretend the plan was hypothetical or uncertain?

Leinhoop & The Republic lie, talks about funding never discussed at council meeting

Russell poling said "Read The Republic - the first $136,000 is going to the Economic Development Board. As you read the article you will read that Mayor Lienhoop discussed this at tonight's council meeting. This is a lie! He did not discuss this tonight. I knew The Republic was biased but never knew it was this bad!!"

Gabrielle Cheek, Democrat, for Bartholomew Council message to citizens

Hello, Columbus Man Readers. My name is Gaby Cheek, and I am running as a Democrat for Bartholomew County Council. Unlike most of the other


NRA did it's job, the words GUN & Firearm removed from ordinance but pawn brokers still required to enter YOUR details

The ordinance may have changed but the behavior and instruction of pawn brokers in Columbus will be the same, ALL items including any type of firearms will need to be documented into the voluntary system, just not "officially written". A ... (Read 2830 times) 1 Full story

I would like to voice my concern of the moral decay of America.

I read a post regarding Lori Ellerbrook Leahigh who works in the Jennings County auditors office. Many of your Blog readers did not see the issue with her repeated infidelity.  It is quite disheartening that this is the mentality of America ... (Read 2364 times) 1 Full story

Kristen Brown says Owsley's death took place outside Columbus, I have no authority over Sheriff Dept.

Kristen was asked -  Are you going to make a statement about the Cary Owsley situation since Dateline and Nancy Grace are both reporting on the incident? Do you feel the need to step in and give the city of Columbus ... (Read 3482 times) 1 Full story

Kristen Brown forces firefighters to fly home commercial on taxpayers dime - one demoted?

There are two new fire trucks in the budget for 2014. ... (Read 6465 times) 3 Full story

Pacheco Winery owner, Doug, chummy with Kristen Brown - no parking requirement for friends

When you're mayor of the city you can over look guidelines set in place for everyone. Having friends in high places makes it easier to get things accomplished when faced with a burdened task. How many other business were able ... (Read 7164 times) 1 Full story

Overpasses for the Impeachment of Obama

Overpasses for the Impeachment of Obama, a nationwide movement, were in Columbus on Saturday. You may have seen us on the Tannehill Overpass. Here are just a few reasons (facts) We want Obama gone. Take a minute to read ... (Read 7488 times) 5 Full story

John C. Jordan Protesting What Should Have Happened Years Ago

John C. Jordan is one of the protesters outside the jail. He should have been fired years ago. He should be protesting that it took so long for them to can his sorry ass. ... (Read 5952 times) 0 Full story

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