Unedited letter to the Editor - The Republic forces edits to shield Lienhoops feelings

Read both versions - version one here, Republics version on 2 page

The kettle calling the pot black - turnover under Lienhoop administration continues

More department head turnover at City Hall under Lienhoop.  It's ironic -- Lienhoop's number one campaign promise was to valiantly end turnover of department heads

New leaders committing Felonys with your tax money - Alan Whited blatantly lied

Your city government officials are back at it again.  At the Board of Works meeting, the board members which include Lienhoop and his former campaign


Jonesville fire departments chief has had 3 different vehicles I have noticed

the vehicles have municipal plates on them so people actually know they are not personal vehicles ... (Read 1487 times) 0 Full story

Ex Mayor Fred Armstrong just got some payback for his efforts in the primary election

Its been three weeks since the Republican Primary and the candidate for Mayor was chosen. Jim Lienhoop was voted in as the republican candidate for Mayor and thus far is running unopposed as no Democrat has stepped up. I have ... (Read 1539 times) 0 Full story

Lets take a look at the recently elected Mayor and city council of Columbus Indiana

Jim Lienhoop…..former city councilman….newly elected mayor main proponent behind Columbus Downtown Inc. which broke Indiana state statute, made illegal contracts, funneled taxpayer money into a private corporation to avoid public bidding laws. One of the main proponents behind the proposed sports complex and ... (Read 3549 times) 7 Full story

Art Council supporters donated to Jim Leinhoop to sway City Council votes for grant money

Let the corruption start before he is mayor. you can verify contributions on republic website and stories of VG being on the arts council....and the amounts they asked for in council meeting minutes ... (Read 1516 times) 0 Full story

Victoria Griffin files complaint on Kristen Brown campaign for intimidation

What a nut job, but we're waiting to get a copy of an email showing these accusations we're linked to James (Jim) Lienhoop or newly elected mayor. Stay tuned this is going to get good! ... (Read 2131 times) 2 Full story

Think about this before you vote next week, doing things he legal way is the right way!

The Mayor does not set the budget, the city council does.   At the council meetings I have been at that involved the Hamilton center, the problem was the questionable spending or committing city funds without approval of the city council. ... (Read 1635 times) 0 Full story

Councilman Frank Jerome a local dentist thinks Kristen Brown would have been Fragged in Vietnam

He posted on the #1 social media website, Facebook, but did he think about his opinions in how it would appear or sound? Probably but when you have people who serve on the council with such incite, his constituents should ... (Read 1506 times) 0 Full story

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