9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch Verbally Attacked

On June 3 2016, the annual Race to Play event was held at 9th Street Park. Thank you to the Parks and Recreation Department, the

Before you push the button "I’m not telling you to “vote for Ted Cruz”, I’m only..."

To the registered voters planning to vote on the Republican ticket:    I wanted to share my thoughts on this election cycle. Indiana can play

CPD scared of City Councilmen's friends to uphold law against Dascal Bunch - court documents revealed

Curious about the complaints and investigation against councilman Dascal Bunch? Read the entire court documents which has the State Police's account of their interviews. Dascal Bunch is charged with a Class C misdemeanor, which in Indiana is punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.


Columbus in financial crisis? Pfft, that's what the officials want you to believe

The election is over and Kristen Brown, your current mayor lost to Jim Lienhoop. Lienhoop and the incumbent city council were backed by the Republican party chairman Barb Hackman. Ms. Hackman is also the county auditor and responsible for reporting ... (Read 1224 times) 0 Full story

The Redevelopment Plan for Columbus Indiana Under Jim Lienhoop

The redevelopment plan of mayor elect Lienhoop must be to continue to attack and try to discredit the outgoing mayor Kristen Brown. Recently the Republic newspaper devoted 8 stories to this cause. The headlines to these stories promise and insinuate ... (Read 1712 times) 2 Full story

Solicitors are to have a City of Columbus permit

- it will say "City of Columbus" ... (Read 1360 times) 0 Full story

Response to TheRepublics social media article about City Hall Ethics

Tonight (8/15/15) I sat at my computer perusing the internet and went to The Republic website. I was totally astounded by a story they ran involving what the mayor posts on her social media page on FaceBook.    Mayor Brown posted criticisims ... (Read 1831 times) 1 Full story

Secret Facebook Group Columbus Council other City Officials use to discuss public matters without public opinion

Are you on the list? Remember you the public vote for these people and behind your back they discuss things you should know about secretly. ... (Read 4559 times) 2 Full story

Major Gary Myers promotes daughter over qualified candidates - Nepotism is against the law I believe in government entities

Comment received on http://columbuzz.net/featured/politics/6196.html "Sheriff Myers is showing a pattern, bad decisions, poor judgments - jeopardizing the safety of all people in our county" ... (Read 3293 times) 0 Full story

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