Mayor James Lienhoop demands home address from citizens at Council Meetings

Currently it has been enforced that when you wish to speak at a city council meeting they demand your name and address. This practice puts

What others are saying about North participating in the presidential inauguration parade but not East

Deb Perez - Well Mike did graduate from North, I graduated with him. So I understand that. But they shouldn't have to pay

Wife of Bartholomew County Jail Commander allegedly uses car to attack/harm husband damaging County Owned vehicle

Wow! Massive cover up. Sounds like the media needs to ask for it and ask the right questions of the chief.


The Republic reporter Julie McClure has her panties in a bunch, threats ensue

This is professionalism at its best ... (Read 2052 times) 0 Full story

The locals demand Justin Hohn (Cummins Engineer) to remove post & let the questionable news reporting stand without criticism.

Justin post the email - I also watched said meeting and came to the same conclusion. The story printed in the newspaper today was not factual. said Deb Spellman Perr ... (Read 1459 times) 0 Full story

The republic demands Facebook post of Justin Hohn (Cummins Engineer) be removed

Update: apparently the print edition is now clarifying that Lienhoop shared his plans in a Republic interview, not at city council. But this actually makes the deception worse. It means that Jim Lienhoop knew that the funds were destined to ... (Read 2523 times) 0 Full story

Leinhoop & The Republic lie, talks about funding never discussed at council meeting

Russell poling said "Read The Republic - the first $136,000 is going to the Economic Development Board. As you read the article you will read that Mayor Lienhoop discussed this at tonight's council meeting. This is a lie! He did ... (Read 1307 times) 0 Full story

Gabrielle Cheek, Democrat, for Bartholomew Council message to citizens

Hello, Columbus Man Readers. My name is Gaby Cheek, and I am running as a Democrat for Bartholomew County Council. Unlike most of the other candidates, I am not a politician. I am a mother, a nurse, a lady who ... (Read 1172 times) 0 Full story

Letter from the Communications and Community Development Manager, who was terminated by the Lienhoop Administration

Another example of the Lienhoop Administration’s practice of Cronyism….If you wore a “IN for Jim” button…you get a city job regardless of your qualifications. This is a letter from the Communications and Community Development Manager, who was terminated by the ... (Read 1189 times) 0 Full story

Collaboration and consensus are not to be reached with intimidation and coercion. This should not be “the Columbus Way.”

I watched the streaming video of the city’s Board of Works meeting that took place on  1/26/2016 . I must say I was appalled at the treatment of two citizens who were members of that board in the last mayoral ... (Read 845 times) 0 Full story

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