Response to TheRepublics social media article about City Hall Ethics

Tonight (8/15/15) I sat at my computer perusing the internet and went to The Republic website. I was totally astounded by a story they ran

Secret Facebook Group Columbus Council other City Officials use to discuss public matters without public opinion

Are you on the list? Remember you the public vote for these people and behind your back they discuss things you should know about secretly.

Major Gary Myers promotes daughter over qualified candidates - Nepotism is against the law I believe in government entities

Comment received on http://columbuzz.net/featured/politics/6196.html "Sheriff Myers is showing a pattern, bad decisions, poor judgments - jeopardizing the safety of all people in our county"


Henderson wrongly accused of trivial ‘crime’

The Columbus Board of Public Works and Safety will hold a public meeting at 4 p.m. today in the City Hall Council Chamber to announce any discipline against former Fire Chief Gary Henderson. ... (Read 2986 times) 2 Full story

Rumor is - Kristen Brown offered Henderson a deal - safe from termination

We have heard something is in the works with Henderson - but how would you like working under the administration who wants you gone. It is just a matter of time for something to surface giving them the leverage to ... (Read 4916 times) 17 Full story

Gary Henderson after 30 years with CFD...

City officials want to terminate a fireman Gary Henderson who has served 30 years with the Columbus Fire Dept. , has held the positions of firefighter, Sergeant, Inspector/Arson Investigator, Fire Marshall & Chief ( voluntarily stepped down ... (Read 3381 times) 16 Full story

Kristen Brown says "we shouldn't have zero tax subsidy set in stone"

When we're talking about life and death, we shouldn't have zero tax subsidy set in stone. The Fire Department, my team and I have been immersed in our service requirements and evaluating providers for five months now. The Fire Department ... (Read 4440 times) 22 Full story

Chief Henderson's hearing should be made public, he has nothing to hide, does Kristen?

I would like to ask that anyone who voted for this 'transparent' mayor ask that the former chief Henderson's hearing be made public - the Henderson's want this hearing to be public - that is because they have nothing to ... (Read 4670 times) 6 Full story

Brown is waging disruptive battles without purpose against everyone a Mayor should be trying to work with.

Who will the Columbus City Republican precinct committee members choose to replace Mayor Kristen Brown when -- following a well-established pattern of job-hopping -- she leaves (voluntarily or otherwise)? New stories of erratic decisions, profane outbursts (two I’m familiar with ... (Read 4119 times) 0 Full story

Kristen Brown commiting Political Suicide - disgrace to Republican Party

The ppl serving on her council do not even want anything to do with her! She is ridiculous! ... (Read 7494 times) 33 Full story

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