Dear Mayor, Council Members; Please DO NOT allow this subdivision to be created!

No Name Please. Hello Columbus City Council members and Mayor, I am sending this message to let you know I am against the new proposed subdivision

Bob's Custom Brushed Car Wash & Simoniz Shop on 2nd Street negotiated by Jim Lienhoop sold for 3 times appraised value with special meeting

Did you know - the City also skipped a step in the legal process that would have given the public an opportunity to comment before the deal was done. The CRC should have at a public meeting authorized Jimbo to negotiate at a price not to exceed $100,000. However, the CRC can override that appraised value if they do so in another resolution. They passed the resolution at the meeting yesterday. Download all the city files relating to this sale to the right >

The Narcotics department at CPD is not what people think it is, says source

We asked for proof - the source said "if it helps at all Toby Combest is in charge of the Narcotics department and anyone that knows him. Knows he loves his alcohol"


Mayor James Lienhoop demands home address from citizens at Council Meetings

Currently it has been enforced that when you wish to speak at a city council meeting they demand your name and address. This practice puts the speaker and his family at risk. I have asked that this practice stop. Tonight ... (Read 2018 times) 0 Full story

What others are saying about North participating in the presidential inauguration parade but not East

Deb Perez - Well Mike did graduate from North, I graduated with him. So I understand that. But they shouldn't have to pay ... (Read 1870 times) 0 Full story

Wife of Bartholomew County Jail Commander allegedly uses car to attack/harm husband damaging County Owned vehicle

Wow! Massive cover up. Sounds like the media needs to ask for it and ask the right questions of the chief. ... (Read 5406 times) 1 Full story

9th Street Park Neighborhood Watch Verbally Attacked

On June 3 2016, the annual Race to Play event was held at 9th Street Park. Thank you to the Parks and Recreation Department, the Kiwanis Organization, and the City of Columbus for doing an outstanding job in organizing this ... (Read 2198 times) 0 Full story

Before you push the button "I’m not telling you to “vote for Ted Cruz”, I’m only..."

To the registered voters planning to vote on the Republican ticket:    I wanted to share my thoughts on this election cycle. Indiana can play a pivotal role in this presidential primary. This is exciting and unprecedented for us Hoosiers. ... (Read 1723 times) 0 Full story

CPD scared of City Councilmen's friends to uphold law against Dascal Bunch - court documents revealed

Curious about the complaints and investigation against councilman Dascal Bunch? Read the entire court documents which has the State Police's account of their interviews. Dascal Bunch is charged with a Class C misdemeanor, which in Indiana is punishable by up ... (Read 2983 times) 0 Full story

Unedited letter to the Editor - The Republic forces edits to shield Lienhoops feelings

Read both versions - version one here, Republics version on 2 page ... (Read 2242 times) 0 Full story

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