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Dear Mayor, Council Members; Please DO NOT allow this subdivision to be created!


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No Name Please. Hello Columbus City Council members and Mayor,

I am sending this message to let you know I am against the new proposed subdivision presented from Arbor Homes at Lowell Road and 200 West. 

Why am I against this. 

I have lived out here on the backside of Lowell Addition for 19 years and watched increased traffic from the newer subdivisions north of me on US-31. Faster and more of it. 

Carters Crossing and Princeton Park have added even more traffic to Lowell road creating traffic backups at the US 31 intersection and more traffic at 200 West using Carter's Crossing exit on 200W to get to Lowell Road. The county is now making the S curves on Lowell road wider and safer due to the increase in traffic back and forth to Johnathon Moore Pike. Only in the one section on a country road are these improvements being made on Lowell Road! That roadway wasn't meant for this load of traffic.

That doesn't include the increased traffic from Johnathon Moore Pike that has started the last 3-4 years using Lowell road as a short cut to bypass downtown to get from the West side to the North side of town and now to get away from train traffic back up in town. It is to the point we can't even get out of the subdivision using either Lowell Road at 200 west or US 31 without fear of being run over by the extra and much faster traffic. It has become more dangerous. Right now, there should be a 4 way stop sign at Lowell Road and 200 W. The back up at the US 31 traffic light is growing on Lowell Road and US 31 as well and blocks the exit street onto Lowell road from Princeton Park, adding more congestion.  People head to work and come home in the late afternoon has created more congestion. Turn lanes would not handle the traffic flow either if those were added.  That intersection is not built for this load of traffic! Imagine 300-500 more homes with an average of 2 to 3 more cars and added vehicular traffic from visitors to and fro. Not only is there more traffic, it is using Lowell Addition as a cut through to get from Lowell Rd to US 31 and vice versa. They speed and create a dangerous problem with those pedestrians walking along the subdivision streets in the evenings. We don't have sidewalks out here.

The research done on Arbor Homes shows the worst reputation for issues I have ever seen and this comes from the BBB. Do your own homework!

The city may want more homes to offset the high cost of living here, but living in Columbus for 30 years shows nothing has brought down that cost of living in this county or city. The issue seen at 200S and Old US 11 (Jonesville Road) near the fairgrounds should tell you how this would come out. That traffic is terrible at any time of day!

You don't live in this area and don't see the increase we see on a daily basis. The traffic has become a Highway and adding more people and traffic solves nothing for the city and creates more problems especially when you see the shabby way Arbor Home communities done have turned out with poor workmanship. Is that what you want? Really?  

Please DO NOT allow this subdivision to be created!

I encourage all residents from Carters Crossing, Lowell Addition, Tudor addition as well as Princeton Park and others near this proposed new subdivision to attend the 6pm meeting tonight Tuesday May 16th at the city hall. This area cannot handle the increase in traffic and noise level a high-density subdivision will create.


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