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Bob's Custom Brushed Car Wash & Simoniz Shop on 2nd Street negotiated by Jim Lienhoop sold for 3 times appraised value with special meeting


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Did you know - the City also skipped a step in the legal process that would have given the public an opportunity to comment before the deal was done. The CRC should have at a public meeting authorized Jimbo to negotiate at a price not to exceed $100,000. However, the CRC can override that appraised value if they do so in another resolution. They passed the resolution at the meeting yesterday. Download all the city files relating to this sale to the right >

When buying property would you pay more than 3 times the appraised value? Well you just did thanks to a deal to buy the land of Bob's Car Wash on 2nd Street negotiated by Jim Lienhoop and rubber-stamped by his redevelopment commissioners this morning in a special meeting no one knew about and wasn't recorded.

This meeting was held at 8:30 am, a time when most citizens are at work and couldn't attend. This seems to be a constant in the Lienhoop administration to do things like this to get them by the public. Then his rubber stamp committees approve these bad business adventures. Lienhoop purposely misleads them and they don't seem to know what they sre doing is wrong.

Two years ago, we had that property appraised and estimated the cost to re-mediate the contamination caused by underground gas tanks. The cost of remediation was estimated between $115,000 and $200,000. Given those estimates, one appraiser estimated the value of the land (less equipment) at $20,000 and another estimated is at between $95,000 and $180,000 depending on the actual cost of remediation. The appraisals assumed all delinquent taxes were paid which were about $10,000 at the time.

Today, city officials paid $300,000 "as is" meaning the taxpayers are still on the hook to pay for the remediation and agreed to pay off all delinquent property taxes - that amount was never disclosed.

The maximum amount city officials can pay for property is the average of two independent appraisals - which in this case would be $100,000 -- unless they pass a resolution affirmatively agreeing to pay more. That's what they did this morning and agreed to pay the back taxes too.

You won't be able to watch the meeting on the city's website. They neither live-streamed it nor recorded it as has been the standard practice since 2012.

$300,000  for land valued at $100,000.

Prediction, we re-mediate the land for $200,000 (land then costs us total of $500,000) and Lienhoop gives it to the developer of his choosing for free along with all the adjoining parcels the city owns that have cost us millions of dollars. Please understand I am NOT criticizing Bob of Bobs Car Wash. He is a great guy who has done nothing wrong...I, too would have done exactly like he has done and sold my property for the most I could get.

Did you know Kristen Brown's strategy was to have a development plan and sell the surrounding properties to the developer and let the developer overpay for Bob's lot.

She had a private developer ready to buy all the properties and build an extended stay hotel and market-rate apartments on the combination of the lots the CRC owns and Bob's. The developer would buy directly from Bob - they can overpay because they have a plan to make a profit. Lienhoop killed that plan before she left office. 


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