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Before you push the button "I’m not telling you to “vote for Ted Cruz”, I’m only..."


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To the registered voters planning to vote on the Republican ticket:

    I wanted to share my thoughts on this election cycle. Indiana can play a pivotal role in this presidential primary. This is exciting and unprecedented for us Hoosiers. With that, we need to vote responsibly, and make a very calculated decision. I see many factors that make me leery of voting for Donald Trump.

    First, his major contributions to Democratic candidates. From 1989 through as recently as 2010, The Donald has made major contributions to various Democratic candidates in every year besides 1991. Those contributions include five to Hillary, from 2005-2007, not including donations to Hillary’s “charity”. He has tried to justify these contributions as “it was for business”, what that tells me is Mr. Trump doesn’t have the back bone to stand up for what policies he believes in. That is if his statement is true, it isn’t too far-fetched to believe that he supported their policies.

    Mr. Trump also employs many of the liberals’ favorite tactics. Tactics like attempting to silence the opposition, he does this by shouting over his opponents. If the opponent is not present he pulls out the over used “calling them a liar”. When that is not enough, he proceeds to demonize and slander opponents. This tactic is employed through his friend, CEO of the tabloid The National Enquierer, David Pecker. David has been running a constant attack campaign on Sen. Cruz. Much like other articles in this tabloid, they are just a baseless claim.

    Mr. Trump shows signs of sleaziness and undeserved arrogance. The sleaziness coming when Trump attacked Cruz’s wife for having a job. Which she needed because, unlike Trump, she didn’t inherit over forty million dollars to start her own companies. The arrogance coming anytime Trump is awake. Then we get to elect-ability, Donald Trump loses to Hillary in most polls by double digits. A new CNN poll shows Bernie Sanders beating The Donald head to head. Cruz, and even Kasich, poll better head to head against Hillary.

    I had the opportunity to meet Sen. Ted Cruz while he was in Columbus. I curiously watched how he interacted with people. He showed great compassion and empathy toward the people of our town. He genuinely listened to peoples’ biggest concerns regarding our country. He calmly and respectfully debated a protester outside. (Warning: do not attempt to ask Mr. Trump a question at a rally, you may be assaulted by security.)

    Despite being accused of being part of the “GOP establishment”, Cruz has ruffled the feathers of the moderate Republicans, and has always voted and spoke of very conservative principals. Donald Trump on the other hand has no track record to speak of. He is this year’s Barrack Obama, not in policies (at least not in 2016), but he is untested, and speaks only in soundbites with no real plan to achieve those soundbites. This resonates with, no insult intended, the politically ignorant and stubborn.

    I’m not telling you to “vote for Ted Cruz”, I’m only asking that you give it a few moments of thought before you “pull the lever”.

    Thank You,

    A Hoosier Conservative


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