What is going on down at city hall? They are posting on facebook instead of working?

The Facebook status has upset some folks at City Hall.  Becky Metz Douglas at Columbus City Hall. 4 hrs · Columbus, IN, United States ·  So this just

Mayor Lienhoop and team to violate the law "already" - impeach him!!!

Letter from INDOT announcing the results of the investigation by INDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. The City is in violation of federal law for its selection of engineering firms for construction inspection services on the upcoming Rocky Ford project.

What happened to "Chops" while in the care of Jackson County Animal Clinic - did they accidentally poison "Chops" during a routine neuter?

My ex husband took my sons perfectly healthy dog in to get neutered and it died during the procedure. He was not offered the blood-work as stated in this letter. Does this seem fishy to anyone? My son is deviated over the loss of his dog. Just trying to get answers.


Durango purposely cut of two out of three motorcycles off near mill race park, almost flipped vehicle fleeing

The driver of this Durango purposely cut of two out of three motorcycles off near mIll race. He was followed and drove wrecklessly as well and almost flipped his vehicle on the 3rd street bridge.. we followed him to Cummins ... (Read 2327 times) 0 Full story

Black out Drunk is what her plans are for graduation? Do you know the dangers?

Seems this girls Mom wasn't too happy her daughters tweet was posted "again" or retweeted. She then text us "+18127030190: The police are being notified now that you've refused to take down personal information of a 17 year old." What ... (Read 9067 times) 1 Full story

House fire on 11th Street, flames reach 40-50 Feet, 20+ firemen fight fire - 2 possible to hospital

"all I know is one man was laying the grass across the street with EMTs and police" - one witness said ... (Read 3507 times) 0 Full story

Man shoots woman when his GUN falls off his hip while shopping in Walmart

You lose your Second Amendment right when it impinges on all of my other constitutional rights by killing me. ... (Read 14032 times) 1 Full story

CPD pulls gun on man at 7th and Maple, cuff him then allegedly let him go! Talk about excitement.

Witness heard "stop get on the ground", the guy lays face down with his arms somewhat extended out. The officer has his gun pointed at the man. CPD places cuffs on the man, then we're told by witnesses he was ... (Read 4520 times) 0 Full story

Comcast cuts down ALL trees around their building on Jackson St.

Instead of taking the time to replant the trees they cut them all down. The trees not that old had always given a warm presence, offered shade and overall was good for the environment. The change is drastic and I ... (Read 1313 times) 0 Full story

Convicted Arsonist posts on Facebook "If I didn't have a kid I'd be a mass murderer"

Should this be alarming? This guy was convicted in 2011- Jonathan Mings, 19, of Columbus was among seven Bartholomew County teenagers charged for a fire that destroyed the Grandview Apostolic church in July 2010. He had more charges but turned ... (Read 3796 times) 0 Full story

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