Teachers in Brown County Schools OK to smoke across street on clock, bullying not important but smoking is

Please post anonymous- one of brown county schools will let it employees walk across the street to smoke while on the clock but will not do anything about the bullying issue going on when we had a poor girl take her own life over being bullied and nothing being done about it.

Bullying in Brown County results in teens suicide - Funeral for Gabriella M. “Gabby” Stewart April 20th 2pm

The tragic loss of life breaks my heart. Why doesn't the papers take bullying more serious and report on the issues. Why doesn't the schools take it serious? The schools claim they do, but Gabriella is another example of the system didn't care.

Greenbelt Golf Course isn't making any money but tax payers will pay $450K for new equipment & golf carts

The question has to be asked??? The city took over Greenbelt Golf Course.. They are gonna spend over $350,000 on new equipment and over 100,000


Vacation from Hell with CPD Patrolman Randy & Daycare Cummins worker Victoria Baker

"I don't care how it effects them. They knew the consequences like you said." - Anonymous ... (Read 6133 times) 2 Full story

Rachel Ozols feels singing with the Columbus Philharmonic is possibly pernicious to Grad School admittance

Charles Ozols owner of Ozols Construction lowers himself "I believe" to bullying me into fear by saying he will be speaking with his lawyer! Go ahead Chuck! ... (Read 3505 times) 5 Full story

Greensburg School Harasses Middle School Student over 2nd amendment t-shirt

My boyfriends son wore a shirt to school today supporting the second amendment and he was pulled out of class and questioned about it. All it said was " The second amendment, rated E for everyone." My boyfriend wasnt bothered ... (Read 2272 times) 0 Full story

I watched a woman in the Save-a-lot parking lot hit the cart and knocked it over "stupid ppl"

Watch these people pull in over by save a lot parking lot and the lady hit the cart and knocked it over . The husband and her got out of car and just left it. Some people are so stupid!!! ... (Read 2788 times) 0 Full story

Steak-n-Shake - "The scoul on her face and tone in her voice makes me want to stick her with my fork."

I'm at Steak and Shake. This is a server whom is assigned to a table of 3 older gentlemen. The table is next to mine and the men asked for a coffee refill and she bit their heads off. ... (Read 10168 times) 0 Full story

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