seed sprout bloom daycare deletes comments on Facebook about kids in diapers

Can you post please since this daycare keeps deleting the honest comments that agree with me.. How I posted before...I deleted my first post because

Neighbors fed up with what appears to be drug activity in Lincoln Village

Quite a few neighbors are getting pretty sick of nothing being done about the alleged drugs the go on in and outside of that place.

Best Buy Columbus and the secrets within, will this place be another Subway scandal?

Hello I would like to anymously share the following with you. I recently came to work/train for a awhile at the Columbus Best Buy and


More "stories" about Dairy Queen national road

{post anonymous) I was at parkside school playground yesterday and a family was eating their food at the table behind me. I could obviously hear every word. They said" Johnny and another guy who work there got mad at customers ... (Read 2562 times) 1 Full story

Sheriff Myers hires brother James Myers; who is a convicted FELON of Sexual Battery & Impersonation of public servant

Nepotism at it's best... As it may be when we received this information we started checking on Facebook to learn ol' Andy had BLOCKED us from accessing his profile, that's OK we have ways around that and now here is ... (Read 13707 times) 5 Full story


January 23, 2015: Spenser Fritz, a 2005 graduate of Columbus East High School, will direct Cecil, an autobiographical family friendly comedy based loosely on his childhood in Columbus, Indiana. ... (Read 2784 times) 2 Full story

Chief Rodney Ferrenburg in the media again...

August 2014 submissions ... (Read 2186 times) 0 Full story

Buying from the Garage Sale sites? Use caution not everyone is honest

Always meet at the cell phone store to have a phone checked before paying for it! Never buy without having it checked our you might be in a position like this submitter. Hopefully Chelsea Moore will make the right decision ... (Read 4386 times) 0 Full story

Columbus Municipal Airport is prime candidate for Nepotism... Kristen is OK with it!

Here is some information about what's happening at the Columbus Municipal Airport, and also City Hall.  I've been holding out since "changes" were supposed to come Jan 1, but as of this minute there have been no notifications of change ... (Read 2723 times) 0 Full story

CAUTION - Jeff Air took over contract for Rhoades Aviation at the Columbus Airport

I think people should know that Jeff Air just took over the contract for Rhoades Aviation at the Columbus Airport. He has hired Groh Aviation who used to be located in Greenwood to do the maintenance on his planes. These ... (Read 4293 times) 3 Full story

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