The Columbus/Edinburgh Holiday Inn Express has MOLD everywhere

Columbus/Edinburgh Holiday Inn Express located in Taylorsville Indiana is INFECTED WITH MOLD! The problem has been going on for the last 3 or 4 years and

Did the window at City Utilities get busted by a disgruntled environmental lab quality control superintendent

Could a recent altercation with a black customer cost the City Utilities quality control (Garry Pugh) his job? Did Garry get angry when he was

Turnips to these kids for making fun of this girl

She wasn't hurting a soul by wearing this rainbow Dash headband. She heard you laughing at her and frowned. And before all the followers start in, before I left I smiled at her and told her I hoped she had a great rest of her evening. She smiled from ear to ear and said thank you, you too. The kids were old enough to know better.


BCSC trashes hundreds of good books - these were at Lincoln Elementary

These were in the dumpster at Lincoln elementary. It's a shame they would throw away perfectly good books! Why not donate them? I posted to an educational group and so many people are saddened or furious by this. Picture (Read 2841 times) 1 Full story

if you don't follow state statute then you are breaking the law, Fred Armstrong is a pro at this

Lies...really ? Seems to me if you do not follow state statute then you are breaking the law....I have copied and pasted exactly what the state board of accounts wrote in their report.....and as to treatment for issues they claim ... (Read 1707 times) 0 Full story

Qmix to cheap to pay for webhosting to sustain bandwidth - crashes error 509

It doesn't take a genius to know how a website works (if you have a website, plus just google "how does a website work")... but we've always been further advanced than the technicians at Reising Radio Partners. We've tried sharing ... (Read 967 times) 0 Full story

M & K GRAPHICS under siege for "fraudulent" activitys - do not use them

"He needs to contact detective Chad Swank. cswank@bartholomew.in.gov There is an ongoing case against this company?" ... (Read 2493 times) 1 Full story

Kids speed and flip other kids off driving down Marr - mom says nah, not my kid.

Witness saw these kids were driving down Marr Rd and sped up to almost 70 mph trying to pass people and look cool and then proceeded to flip off a bunch of kids on bikes that looked under 12. If ... (Read 627 times) 0 Full story

Like to bike? Check out these weekend bicycle rides - best of best 2015

Columbus has bicycle rides from different bicycle groups M-F demonstrating a remarkable area bicyclist involvement in both sport and recreation. There are also many outstanding recreational weekend rides available.  Columbike.com has compiled a list of the Best of the Best Weekend ... (Read 1272 times) 0 Full story

Classic car collection, money swayed Columbus approval without talking to neighbors

How can the city issue a permit for a 24x80 garage right behind Columbus East without at least polling the neighborhood? Guess big money talks. ... (Read 855 times) 0 Full story

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