Lost dog, found dog... reunites with original owner!

It started when Mark Hendrix posted "free dog" on Columbus garage sale Facebook site. When that plan failed he listed the dog on Columbuzz Lost Pets Facebook page as a "found" dog implying he found the dog - another way to "give" the dog away. Luckily the original owner follows Columbus Man and saw their dog. Their story continues..

Unhappy customers after tattoo design flipped - tattooist says "Even though the tattoo does look great it was a mistake."

Getting a tattoo is a big step for some, but duel tattoo's which make a statement when connected on 2 different people is complicated for sure. With all the checks and balances in place mistakes are bound to happen.

Leaving St. Peters was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my childhood

Chris Nolting said "I went there from 1st through 3rd grade in the late 70's - early 80's and I BEGGED my parents to let


No working smoke alarms - fire on 16th street

Cause of 16th Street Fire Undetermined- No Working Smoke Alarms CFD responded to a residential fire last night in the 517 16th Street. Crews were dispatched just before 9 pm.  When firefighters arrived at the scene they could see flames inside ... (Read 423 times) 0 Full story

Jordy McTaggart's closing leaves bands, vendors & employees with empty pockets

Dec 2016 - A band played there and there PAY CHECK BOUNCED!!!!! These are Hard working, has a Family to Support and DEPENDED on that Pay Check!!!!!!!!!! HEARTLESS and CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!! ... (Read 2583 times) 1 Full story

Irwin gardens going back to 1920 design - "very simplistic very Italianate "

Did you know? The plan for Irwin gardens is to go back to the original 1920s layout so very simplistic very Italianate garden but full of color. Where the four pear trees were, there will be four paperback maples around 12 ... (Read 946 times) 0 Full story

Nick Britt in the news again for domestic violence

Nick Britt is an alleged woman abuser..both physically and mentally. This isn't the first time he has been arrested for putting his hands on a woman. Spread the word! No woman (or person for that matter) deserves to be abused. If you know ... (Read 1286 times) 1 Full story

More stories coming out about St. Peter's teachers mentally abusing the students...

Do you have a story to share about your experience about St. Peter's church/school? Please email us submit@columbuzz.net or use our tip line www.columbuzz.net/tips and send your story anonymously. We'd love to expose the abuse you've kept inside for all ... (Read 3543 times) 2 Full story

At age 57, I remember how I was bullied at St. Peters - "I still hate some teachers"

I attended St. Peter's from grades 1 to 8. I was bullied there by classmates and teachers alike! at age 57 I still have strong feelings of hate for some of the teachers that worked there. Dan Schroder was my 8th ... (Read 3072 times) 4 Full story

The Columbus/Edinburgh Holiday Inn Express has MOLD everywhere

Columbus/Edinburgh Holiday Inn Express located in Taylorsville Indiana is INFECTED WITH MOLD! The problem has been going on for the last 3 or 4 years and Jan Sprague is only masking it with wall plug in scents. Management has tried a few ... (Read 2313 times) 0 Full story

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