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Eyesore - Spotted at Beam Rd & 16th St


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Submitted photo of a home near 16th street with the caption "The pictures not great but if you zoom in, there's a recliner on the porch and a huge pile of aluminum cans! Such an eyesore". If you see a home, yard that should be cleaned up because it is making Columbus look bad. Send your photo to 812-390-8015 with the address or cross streets. Maybe, just maybe the city will notice and make them clean them up.



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Tammy 19/09/2012 16:19:37
Ok , I do understand your point here, but I think further investigation is necessary.
What if the person is sick and can't clean up their yard?
Point incase. My guy has always kept a spotless yard and grounds, he had thyroid cancer
And didn't know it till he had a heart attack. He couldn't understand why he had no energy to
Work in the yard. He had always done it his self and would not
Let me.
After the grass was way too tall and things looking very bad,
His son came and cleaned it all up while we were gone. ( he knew better than to ask)
When someone has always done for them selves it's very hard to accept or ask for help.
I'm just saying that there might be extenuating circumstances.
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Try helping? 19/09/2012 19:08:28
Yep and instead of posting pics of these folks yard and telling us all what an eyesore you think it is why not offer to help them clean it up? Like Tammy said maybe the person is sick or old and lives on a fixed income and cant afford to pay somebody to do the work for them and could be that they dont have any one to help them...so why be all mean about it and call the city on them and try to get them into trouble because you are not being part of the solution part you are being of the problem! Hey we all have to live here and nobody gets out alive so try being nice to each other and ya just might get out happy!
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Just a thought 19/09/2012 18:51:22
I understand your point as well, Tammy, and in that situation perhaps a neighbor or a friend might talk to them and ask if there is anything they could do to help. If the person is too proud, and trust me, I understand this well, after talking to the neighbor or friend, and realizing there is a reason why it has gotten out of hand, maybe grab a friend or something and help out on your own.

No need to throw any items away that might seem or appear to be trash, simply organize what you don't know what to do with, and fix the rest of the yard. Mow it, use a weed eater to areas that need it, put the cans in a trash bag or buy him another trashcan just for aluminum cans. Make it look reasonable, and not a farm for insects and rodents.

You should talk to him first though, before just thinking the guy is unable to do the work. Sometimes, and perhaps more often then not, people are just plum lazy, and need to get off their duff and do the work. If a simple letter from neighbors doesn't get the person to fix things, perhaps a similar letter to a city department is in need. I hate to send the authorities to get someone to clean up their yard, but it brings the value of the community around it down.
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Disappointed 20/09/2012 02:03:17
It may be you someday. It's not necessary to pin point one house! There are many houses that may not meet your standard of living. But, that is what it is!
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Admin 20/09/2012 03:01:10
Comment received on Facebook - I live right by that guy he blares music all night loud enough for.me to hear in my living room beats his dogs hits them with cars etc does drugs on the porch he is an awesome neighbor
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Phil Swaim 20/09/2012 05:31:25
............. I guess Columbuzz is now the property manager of all Columbus now. Wow. you guys never cease to amaze me on how low, petty, and just plain mean you guys get.
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Mommyof3 20/09/2012 05:58:18
I also live by this guy. He is quite a piece of work. He is FULLY capable of cleaning his junk up. He is too busy drinking and doing who knows what. Total loser!!!
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Teacher 20/09/2012 14:30:35
Eyesore is one word. You should fix your headline. It makes Columbuzz look stupid.
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moorem 26/09/2012 07:53:50
It is funny that everyone is throwing stones to the website but I know that there are many people in this town that complain day in and day out about this exact type of eyesore, yet when Columbuzz gets a submitted article or writes one themselves it is a terrible terrible thing lol

Yes perhaps they could clean up the submitted articles or theirs for that matter but really a teacher telling a website that they are stupid.. little immature don't you think? They are not writing for a Pulitzer and neither are their readers..just saying
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Nuclear Physicist 27/09/2012 05:26:18
Nothing immature about calling it like it is.
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Teacher 26/09/2012 20:54:00
I am not a teacher...it's a USERNAME. Are you a moorem? Do you believe everything in print on the Internet? Are you dating a French model? Also, one can be a 'teacher' by providing educational information, without being a teacher by profession.
Spelling...grammar............it's all about credibility. If simple words can't be spelled correctly, maybe simple facts are not facts at all, but ignorant misinterpretations.
If a person can't tie their own shoes, would you trust them to rig your harness for mountain climbing?
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