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More stories coming out about St. Peter's teachers mentally abusing the students...


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image Inside St. Peter's Classroom

My child was "bullied" (seems like a weak word)... mentally abused is a better word by the teachers and children. I saw many examples that if you were rich you were left alone. They all think what they do is right by hiding behind the cross. I have nothing but hate for that entire church. I hope they remember that God's payday isn't always on Fridays.


Another account - 

I went there too just a few years earlier. I too have no love for the place and have only been back for funerals and weddings. Lots of kids experienced similar mental abuse (nowadays called ‘bullying’). Teachers were often the instigators, and then the students would follow; making fun of certain kids.

Back then, the problem often related to the school tuition issue: Tuition was free as long as the family became members of the church. If they weren’t members, tuition was costly.

Of course the point of free tuition was that it was a good way to bring in new membership in the form of ‘outsiders’, and all members were expected to donate/tithe a substantial amount of money to the church. If an ‘outsider’ family (non-German Lutheran Farmer) joined, but didn’t donate to church, their kids were more likely to be ridiculed in school. Thanks for having the courage to speak out. 


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Cheryl Brown 28/12/2016 19:26:17
My son went there for two years in the late 90's. I am absolutely floored by the second account about tithing and giving money to the church. EXACTLY what happened to him. Bullying didn't exist back then. We called it blacklisted or blackballed. Took him out of that place (it doesn't deserve to be called a school) got him into the public school system and he never had another problem his entire educational career. I went in to talk to the teachers involved but got pushed out the door with them not giving answers but quoting scriptures at me. I agree 100% with thet statement of the first commenter that if you're rich and in that circle you were left alone. Unreal these stories are coming out all these years later.
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charles armuth 29/12/2016 19:38:28
while i cannot comment on the current state of things , wich from what i do know, from parents and kids of all diffrent econmic levels, things are pretty good at st peters... and i know there are lots of dedicated and caring people there!
but speaking from my own experiences there,wich was in the 80s-90s... there was alot of negative things that scarred me for life! only a few of these things really involved staff, who are all but one gone now...! but the issue for me was that all the other kids were relatively wealthy. and had both parents... i myself was poor, and had divorced parents! even though my grandparents were very prominent well known members of the church! the abuse i recieved on a daily basis was only from the kids...teachers never treated anyone diffrently..! however its just rules of the game that if you tell on a kid, you will only get it worse.. so its very hard to help a kid who is in so much fear that they never say anything ...! one thing that i feel would help, is to have a onfrence of all kids and parents together and address bullying(not specific)... otherwise parents dont believe their kid would ever bully, and the kids being bullied would feel like someone is trying to protect them...! i had hoped things had improved since i left, but its hard to say!
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