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At age 57, I remember how I was bullied at St. Peters - "I still hate some teachers"


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I attended St. Peter's from grades 1 to 8. I was bullied there by classmates and teachers alike! at age 57 I still have strong feelings of hate for some of the teachers that worked there.

Dan Schroder was my 8th grade teacher he was so verbally and emotionally abusive, I can't begin to describe how many times I thought about suicide because of him.

I still hate him still today, I'd piss on his grave! There were others there that enjoyed the physical punishment they handed out back in the day.

Many of the teachers even had their favorite paddles that they named, like "Old Smokie" If you weren't on the basketball team or a brain you were worthless to the teachers there.

Of course if you had money it was ok. Poor children aren't welcome at St. Peter's no matter what they say! People wondered why I never went back to church there.

I can't stand the thought of going back. I have never been inside the new church and I don't intend to go. I don't know about allegations of sexual abuse, but there was plenty of emotional mental and physical abuse when I went there.


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Clara Eckert 28/12/2016 08:13:34
I will vouch for this comment 100%. My child was "bullied" (seems like a weak word)... mentally abused is a better word by the teachers and children. I saw many examples that if you were rich you were left alone. They all think what they do is right by hiding behind the cross. I have nothing but hate for that entire church. I hope they remember that God's payday isn't always on Fridays.
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tomf 28/12/2016 13:52:17
I went there too just a few years earlier. I had DS too. I know what you are talking about. I too have no love for the place and have only been back for funerals and weddings. Lots of kids experienced similar mental abuse (nowadays called ‘bullying’). Teachers were often the instigators, and then the students would follow; making fun of certain kids. Back then, the problem often related to the school tuition issue: Tuition was free as long as the family became members of the church. If they weren’t members, tuition was costly. Of course the point of free tuition was that it was a good way to bring in new membership in the form of ‘outsiders’, and all members were expected to donate/tithe a substantial amount of money to the church. If an ‘outsider’ family (non-German Lutheran Farmer) joined, but didn’t donate to church, their kids were more likely to be ridiculed in school. Thanks for having the courage to speak out. Tell us more about the abuse you experienced. Do you know where DS is now, or his wife Nancy? I have looked but can’t find. Believe me, I could tell YOU some stories about that place!
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Admin 28/12/2016 14:01:04
Please do...
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tomf 29/12/2016 05:32:34
Teacher Dan Schroeder was not only occasionally abusive, he was a heterosexual pedophile. He had a girlfriend in my class (8th grade), and he was at least in his mid-twenties. They would go everywhere together. The thing is, Dan’s wife was also a teacher there, and she could not possibly have missed it. Dan also knew about teacher and camp-director Virgil Linkert being a homosexual pedophile. Linkert was there from about 1964, I’m sure molesting *many* boys through the years during school and Camp Lakeview (Lutheran children’s camp at Lutheran Lake). Dan worked at the camp the first year he started teaching (1969 I think) and got a bellyful of what was going on there and swore to never work there again (of course he didn’t say why at the time). God only knows how many boys (and some girls, but far fewer) were molested at camp, and at St Peter’s parochial school from 1964 to 1970. Knowing the tells/signs/behaviors now, I can look back and see perpetrators and victims all over that school and church and camp. There were probably many classes where more than half the boys were victims; and then what happens is, the older boys will start molesting the smaller/younger boys – and it spreads like wildfire. They don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at first; in fact, they think it’s great. (It’s all described in the concept known as the ‘generational cycle of abuse’.) It was so bad back then that the victims (new pedophile/bisexual boys; we’ll call them ‘PBBs’) were typically the more popular boys, because they were either trying to impress and attract (groom) other boys for sex or bullying and excluding the straight ones. Yes, that’s right; the prejudice was reversed – because the straights were actually the minority! One of the most common types of PBB prejudice was to ridicule straight boys who had girlfriends by calling them “pussywhipped’. And the teachers didn’t discipline the misbehaving PBBs, because they were in on it / behind it. And it also looks very much like some janitors and the preacher (Brandt) were also in on it. Brandt’s oldest son was definitely a PBB, probably thanks to daddy. More confirming tells come from follow-ups; many of the victims’ adult lives are ruined with crime and alcoholism and drug abuse; but that’s not the worst part: Some others become things like church youth group leaders, pastors, teachers, and football coaches. Of course it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Now, before I bore you with more St Pete’s stories, I could take you just down the road a bit to St Paul’s, and we could talk about Pastor Lepper from around that same time period. Interested?
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