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Lyn Nunemaker might not get enough time behind bars if police don't find more evidence - transcription of text to 12 year old


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image you can't text with your hands cuffed behind your back

Former Hartsville deputy town marshal Lyn Nunemaker, 50, of Columbus, husband of Hartsville Town Marshal Christie Nunemaker, was arrested on preliminary charges of Level 5 felony child solicitation and disseminating matters harmful to a child. He was terminated immediately. 

His wife, Christie was one of three Bartholomew County sheriff deputies disciplined for breaking protocols in the April 2013 death investigation of Cary Owsley. She only received a 10-day suspension then was demoted to the uniform division in July 2013. She decided that was not a worthy position and quit 8 months later. 

Lyn and Christie were married on May 29 2012 and currently run a business together, Origami Owl. I wonder what the founder would think about Lyn's current arrest. 

We obtained the text message conversation from an insider at the police dept. Lyn had with a 12 year old girl, the name of the girl won't be released and the transcription has been edited. 

The 12 year old notified her mother when she received inappropriate messages from Lyn. The mother notified State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Unit who obtained additional information then followed Lyn on Friday until it was time to make the arrest. 

Fox59 was notified of the arrest prior it happening so they could be on scene. The arrest occured at Fishers Flowers where State police obtained additional data while serving a search warrant on Lyn's at his home. 

Ready to be outraged? 

Unless the ISP investigators find other criminal matter on Lyn's computer, he was only charged with a level 5 felony and a class A misdemeanor. If convicted and given the FULL sentence, he would only get 6 years. I predict, since he has a clean criminal record, he will plead guilty to the Level 5 felony in exchange for them dropping the A misdemeanor, get less than 60 days in jail, 3 years probation and 10 year sex offender registrant.

Just a guess but it is Bartholomew County and a level 5 felony is LOW. This is not the court's fault if that is all he gets. It is the State Legislature's issue for not enhancing that crime to a greater felony. This will not be a "cop favor" either because very few if ANY local police officers knew Lyn and none ever worked with him nor Christie.

Some would say this is officers code protecting their own, but this isn't the case here. The officers don't know Lyn and his position in Hartsville is a step above a security guard. 


victim 7:47pm- It is me

7:48pm - Hello

Lyn - 7:50pm - Well Hello There

victim 7:50pm- Finally

Lyn 7:50pm -LOL

victim - 7:50pm - It only took 54368 hours

Lyn 7:51pm - Busy day for you today.

victim - I am home now

Lyn - bwahahahaha

victim - not funny

Lyn - still love me?

I wish I didn't have to work late to catch up my paperwork from yesterday.

victim - Does your wife Christie get on your phone

Lyn - no she doesn't. Anybody get on yours?

victim - nobody. I delete everytime always

Lyn - me too

victim - Did you dream of me again

Lyn - I keep mine locked and change password often

victim - I do to

Lyn 7:58pm - After you tell yours I will

It may be after work, but I will tell you

victim 8:09pm - Are you there

Lyn 8:11pm - Oh yea

8:19pm - Put your lefs on my shoulders

8:23pm - Be right back lover

victim 8:27pm - Where you go

Lyn 8:35pm - I have a meeting with a customer

back in a while

8:36pm - love you

9:09pm - Sorry babygirl

9:33pm - All Done! Headed to the house

are you mad at me?

9:58pm - we belong together

victim 9:58pm - (picture of 2 people smilies)

Lyn 9:59pm - my babygirl

victim 9:59pm - Prince

Lyn 9:59pm - did you think of a name for my private since I call yours kitty?

10pm - I like

victim 10pm - no what do you think

victim 10:04pm - no

Lyn 10:07pm - You must have been busy. I have been texting

Oh you will purr when i rub her

Especially when my tongue does

10:08pm - the general will make her meow

victim 10:08pm - Ha ha haha ha ha

10:09pm - they don't make noises silly

victim 10:10pm - you will

so will i

not busy. Mom was arguing with someone

What was your dream

Lyn 10:13 - We went to the woods, we kissed and held each other. My hands rubbed your chest then your tummy then I rubbed kitty though your jeans.

10:14 - My hands grabbed your butt and I held you tight and kissed you deep.

victim 10:14 - then what!

Lyn 10:14pm - I kissed your neck as I pulled your shit up and you had no bra on

10:15pm - I kissed and sucked on your nipples, back and forth giving attention to both

10:16pm - I unbuttoned your jeans and put my hand down your panties and my fingers spat I spread kitty aparts

10:17pm - You let them drop and I got on my knees and kissed and licked kitty.

victim 10:18pm - then what happened

Lyn 10:19pm - I was hard already and you got on your knees and put your butt up in the air so I could like kitty from behind.

Then I put myself in you and held your hips and went in and out of you from behind

10:20pm - Then I had you lay on your back and put your lefs on my shoulders and I got indside you again and pumped you slow and steady

You grabbed your ankles and opened yourself more so I could go deeper.

10:22pm - you had an orgasm and then I pulled out and let my white stuff blow all over your tummy.

victim 10:24pm - that was a big dream!

Lyn 10:27pm - Your eyes rolled back everytime I put myself in you. You gasped and smiled as I slid into you

Only in your dreams and my dreams tonight.

victim 10:28pm - when will we do this for real

Lyn 10:28pm - you felt so good and tight as I pumped in you. You were soooooo wet.

victim 10:28pm - what was tight

Lyn 10:29pm - your kitty

Victim 10:29pm - Oooooh

Lyn 10:29pm - Felt wonderful

victim 10:29pm - are different people tight and some not tight

Lyn - 10:30pm - Yes

victim - 10:30pm - why

Lyn 10:31pm - They don't exercise by rubbing and they don't have muscle control

victim 10:32 - Does Christie have a tight kitty

Lyn 10:35pm - NO

JUMPING Ahead...

Lyn - do you want to see my private member

victim - Private member?

Lyn - Hard


victim - OK but don't make dun of me promise

Lyn - I promise. Don't laugh at mine promise

victim - I promise I won't laugh. I just want t osee it until we meet

victim - before we meet

Lyn - I want to see you too

victim - Do I send the whole body or just parts or what

Lyn - what ever you want

I love all of you

you have to delete them though

victim - duh I know. A bubbly bath picture? Ha ha

Lyn - right


whatever you want

victim - Hang in

Lyn - OK

12:08am - I'm getting sleepy honey. I have to get up at 4am tomorrow

victim 12:09am - I am trying to get the perfect angle

12:10am - you going to bed?


Lyn 12:11am - I have been up since 330 this morning and I need to get up at 4 tomorrow

victim 12:11am - ****OMITTED*****

Lyn 12:12am - I'm an old man lol

victim 12:12am - ha ha ha

Lyn 12:13am - When I see her I will ask her. I love you too sweet babygirl

12:14am - hows that angle going

victim 12:14am - I don't know which picture you will like best. I sorting

Lyn 12:16am - OK

12:17am - if it's you, I will love it

victim 12:22am - Hello

Lyn 12:23am - Yes

victim 12:24am - I want to send all but I don't want you to get mad

or not want me

I'm fat

Lyn 12:24am - Breath and relax

I am too

victim 12:25am - You are not fat

Lyn 12:25am - but you are not fat

Lyn 12:25 - warm up pic 

you ate hot

12:26am - are

I sent a warm up pic for you

12:29am - ?

victim 12:30pm - my heart is pounding

Lyn 12:30am - Yes you are, and you are not fat babygirl. Perfect

12:32am - It's sending

12:32am (sends photo of penis)

Victim 12:33am - WOW

Lyn 12:34am - wow what

victim 12:34am - :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Lyn 12:35am - what is so funny

why are you laughing

victim 12:35am - Happy

Lyn 12:35am - Oh. OK

12:36am - wow what

victim 12:36am - Awesome

Lyn 12:37am - how about that spread kitty pic?

victim 12:38am - Yes Blurry. Wait til ****** goes back outside

12:39am - hang on

I feel ugly a bunch

Lyn 12:40am - (sends photo of his penis)

12:41am - not at all

victim 12:42am - wow wow wowwow

12:43am - is that hard

Lyn 12:44am - Yes it is

12:46am - is it too small

victim 12:46 - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

12:47am - when can we meet!!

12:48am I just deleted yours

Lyn 12:49am - you don't like it



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Disgusted 21/07/2015 21:18:32
This is wrong yes, and it is wrong for them to post a transcript of the conversations. Use a pic of him and not what she sent. Goes both ways.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
MsLiberty 29/07/2015 15:29:40
Do you really want to see the pictures that a 50-year-old man coaxed a 12-year-old girl to take of herself? You are as demented as LN. She is a victim - he is a low-life POS.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
22/07/2015 01:01:19
I think this crime is disputing and sickening, and it's equally disturbing to me that these transcripts are viral now!!! What in the hell is wrong with you people? Can media and news not report a crime without victimizing the victim MORE?!???! He should be locked up for life and y'all who posted the transcripts should be fined or shut down! Good grief, she's going to have enough to deal with and now since the world can see, Y'ALL JUST ADDED TO THE SHAME SHES GOING TO FEEL, SO SHAME ON YOU!!
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
wille 27/07/2015 21:03:12
Hey Einstein...... that wasn't a 12 year old ....he was setup. Still deserves what he's gettn. A real Dumbass !!!!
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
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