Convicted Murderer allegedly working at NTN Driveshaft - killed 2 month old baby for crying over the stereo gets 31 years

"1995 According to police statement, Prange threw the child from the crib, causing her head to strike the floor. Prange told police he knelt and placed his hand over the baby's mouth until she stopped breathing. Nicole died three days later."

Another Opinion on the Owsley Motive.

This is a first of this type of info. A whole different take on what happened. Even disputes some reports in the Republic. I'm guessing all the details can be verified. It still doesn't explain why the wife and coroner are so against an exhumation and an autopsy...... This is as submitted to us. UNEDITED... Curious, why was he suspended, along with two other deputies, if he did nothing wrong? We heard he even moved the body...

Experts reviewing information released about Cary Owsley's death, FLAWS found...

Experts are, right now, reviewing the police investigation into Cary Owsley’s death; they have already found major flaws with the process. POLICE RELEASED THE INFORMATION FROM


Heartbroken because last week 15 of the cats & kittens have died

anyone that knows me at all, knows I am an animal lover.I live in the country. My nearest neighbor is my fiances son & his family. We all have animals that we love and take good care of. I am ... (Read 2279 times) 0 Full story

Arrest made in the killing of Thomas Brazzell, will there be more?

Sunday, Columbus Police arrested 25-year-old Jacob A. Tolbert of Elizabethtown, at an address in the 2800 block of 12th St, in connection with the incident at Caddies this morning. Tolbert is currently being held in the Bartholomew County Jail on preliminary charges ... (Read 6194 times) 1 Full story

Gun fire heard near 13000 block of Mount Healthy Road, self Inflicted gunshot takes life

Residents near Mount Healthy Rd, heard gunshots this afternoon near a neighbors house, they also witnessed someone being taken out on a stretcher. It has been reported Francis Critney Jr. passed away 1/12/13 sometime around 4pm because of a self-inflicted ... (Read 6145 times) 5 Full story

Questions raised by death of Baby Evan, family blames CPS for failing to save him - wants to protest

Breaking... Evan lived with his Grandparents almost the entire 19 months he was alive. It is reported Thomas was greedy and did not want Rachael around family, he brain washed her they could make money off Evan. Since the grandmother ... (Read 13526 times) 23 Full story

Clifton Cook - admits he was "very jealous" when he killed Joseph Brown

Clifton H. Cook, a former Cummins employee, was accused of killing his girlfriends, Amber Lin Guillaume Liberati, boyfriend, Joseph Brown in her home on Balsam Court here in Columbus. Cook admitted he shot Joseph as an act of passion during ... (Read 5911 times) 0 Full story

Clifton Cook charged with murder to prevent bonding out, one thinks...

He alleged that he was with someone, however when the woman whom he was using as an alibi was questioned she stated that he left her home at 1:00 am and returned at 6:00 am. She also stated ... (Read 5744 times) 0 Full story

Police desperate to find weapon & clothing, now building case out of money

Police are begging for help to locate the clothing and the weapon used in the killing of a Greensburg man. Clifton Cook charged with the killing of Gary Brown earlier this month is believed to have disposed of ... (Read 3576 times) 3 Full story

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