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Another Opinion on the Owsley Motive.


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This is a first of this type of info. A whole different take on what happened. Even disputes some reports in the Republic. I'm guessing all the details can be verified. It still doesn't explain why the wife and coroner are so against an exhumation and an autopsy...... This is as submitted to us. UNEDITED... Curious, why was he suspended, along with two other deputies, if he did nothing wrong? We heard he even moved the body...

Keep me private, But Cary's wife didn't have an insurance policy on him.  Cary had one himself and the wife didn't know if there was anything there or not and told them to allow his family to have the policy.  


That is how she is paying for everything.  


Also, Cary was able to shoot both right and left handed and possible photos of him shooting right handed are out there.  So Cary was able to shoot himself.  


Cary also spoke with a co-worker a week prior and said he thought about killing himself.  


Polygraphs were given to all suspects and they all passed, but there was one that was inconclusive, but no signs of lying.  


Officer Janes did not assist on the scene except to place a pen cap in a gun that Dean Johnson was holding to make it safe.  


Janes touched no evidence... 


Cary's family states that Janes arrived on scene before EMS, that is untrue.  EMS was on scene and Janes was one of the last to arrive.  


The only reason Janes showed up was to console his family (kids) that had then arrived... 


Everyone is reading and hearing only one persons side and hearsay.... 


I happen to know both sides and have done some investigating on this as well and interviews.  


The Janes family and Cary's wife have been instructed to not talk about the investigation and that is exactly what they are doing.  


They are hurt and wish that his family would just let him RIP.  


The Owsley family never liked the ex-wife to begin with..... 


There are many things people do not know about or have been told about.  A few things have been brought up, but not the exact truth.  


Cheryl and her family have really done a great job damaging the reputation of the ex family and her sons.  


As an investigator, I am very ashamed in the Owsley's actions.  


We all want justice, but sometimes there is no justice and you have to let things go.  


This is really getting old, but why not let all the Justice for Cary followers know all the truth and not just part of it.  


What about the GPS pulls from Officer Janes car and cell, never showed him near the crime scene until later and then the phone records.... 


I cannot reveal what else is happening or going to happen, but people need to realize, a lot of information has been misleading and not the complete truth.


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Invisable Ink 27/09/2013 17:21:11
Why is there no mention of the exhumation subject in this submitted article? Think we all KNOW the truth here, THE EVIDENCE IS IN THE GRAVE......
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JusticeForCary 27/09/2013 17:37:20
Here is a quote from the Sheriff....explain this away ...In a statement released Friday, Bartholomew County Sheriff Mark Gorbett said Janes’ supervisors “failed to protect the integrity of the scene.”....along with Janes they were ALL SUSPENDED...why are YOU afraid of the TRUTH?...always heard the truth will set you free but first it will peeve you off......you say Cary's wife's family is HURT?
Lets put an end to the hurt....walk into the courthouse and and agree to exhume the body and put this to rest.....or are you afraid the exhumation will tell the TRUTH? There is a simple fix for this situation, E X H U M E . I agree with you Invisible Ink , no mention of the exhumation speaks volumes for the submitter of this article.
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Carys Friend 27/09/2013 17:46:54
You say you are an investigator? Where did you get your info? Certainly hope it did not come from your investigation skills. Same can be said for what you have sumitted>> "has been misleading and not the complete truth ". I could pick this apart and show you where to find the PROOF of just how wrong this is, but I don't have the time nor patience for this.
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The Truth 27/09/2013 20:17:56
Please give the name of the case you solved. Don't be shy! Tell us all about it. I'm very interested in reading up on it. Did you solve it in an official capacity? Googling your name really doesn't bring up anything remotely related to a murder investigation, so we'll need more info to read up on your investigative skills.
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Pooh Bear 01/10/2013 01:35:48
"The Owsley never liked the EX WIFE to begin with." emphasis mine
Why are you not referring to her as a widow?
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erin 01/10/2013 08:59:54
Pooh Bear-why are you referring to her as the EX WIFE? I am under the impression you are not very well informed.
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