In case you didn't know, it was Alan Trisler who gave Janes the gun back!


Jessie Wade still on the run from the law - Posts Facebook photos

Anonymous please...... how is it that Jessie Wade can be on the run from the police for 6 months or more but still show up in Facebook posts and not go to jail. I would think they would at least question the people she runs around with. Drugs make you do some stupid things.

Joseph Kowalchick former Marine forcefully threw baby causing brain injuries to 4 month old

It is reported former "Marine" 30 year old Joseph Kowalchick of Edintucky gave his 4-month old daughter brain hemorrhages, along with bleeding into her eyes all


Questions for a Widow: Was it Suicide or Murder? UPDATED with Police Report

Brian Thompson died September 2, 2012 just outside of Bloomfield, Indiana. At first glance, it appears to be a suicide. But, many questions remain; some questions only the widow can really answer. ... (Read 5607 times) 5 Full story

AN OPEN LETTER TO PROSECUTING ATTORNEY BILL NASH: granddaughter was molested by her step-father

I apologize for using this forum to air my grievances with your office but, since emails and telephone calls have gone unanswered, I feel that I need to use whatever venue is available to insure that my granddaughter's interests are ... (Read 9845 times) 12 Full story

Man in cuffs in Kroger Parking Lot - Sheriff and CPD on Scene

man in cuffs" accused of dumping something near the eye doctors place, a mail man led police over that way claiming he saw it. ... (Read 3296 times) 0 Full story

Couple arrested at Walmart Friday

Submitted photos - "This is just something I had to share made me cry I was laughing so hard..." ... (Read 4067 times) 0 Full story

Man arrested near 10th and Sycamore for fighting

Witness said a young man was arrested for beating another guy up in the back of a car after it stopped near 10th and Sycamore St.  ... (Read 2118 times) 2 Full story

REPUBLISHED - WANTED by Police - Bradley Ballard, alleged battery with bodily injury

40-year-old Bradley Ballard is the focus of the Miller’s Power Wash Bartholomew County Street Sweep. Major Todd Noblitt said Ballard is wanted in connection with an alleged battery with bodily injury incident. He’s described as a white male, 5-foot-11, 250 ... (Read 4433 times) 1 Full story

Scam targeting unemployed and users of Search engines such as Monster to find jobs

Be on the lookout for checks sent by Mr. Mathew Lawrence it will have this phone number listed 1-803-251-9443 ext. 2. The checks look real and they say they are to employee you to do consumer research. It sounds like ... (Read 1389 times) 0 Full story

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