Spice sends 4 to the hospital, 3 at Columbus North 1 from Columbus East - then again tonight

We received reports this AM about students being transported to the hospital from Columbus North and Columbus East. Being transported out on gurneys, with the

Meth - Dear representatives, I don't understand your logic!

Dear representatives, I don't understand your logic! You ban bath salts and spice, which is good, but continue to allow these pills to be sold without

METH! The Devils drug, it destroys families, if you suspect it report it...

What can we do about the Meth situation in this town?


Man high on meth chokes 80 year old roommate, arrested on Sycamore St.

Yesterday morning police activity on Sycamore Street between 14th and 15th Streets was reported to us. Later, we received details about what happened.According to two sources, an elderly neighbor was very upset. His younger roommate choked the upset ... (Read 5930 times) 3 Full story

Portable active Meth Lab bust near 450

Information coming in about an arrest near 450 heading towards Hope, police discover portable Meth lab under a bridge. Report is the suspect was cooking meth when police arrived and made the arrest. More info when and if I get ... (Read 3781 times) 0 Full story

Police search Car at 17th St Circle K for drugs - none found

Could the officers have searched the car because of the passenger? Making the assumption drugs were in the car? Do they issue an apology when they tear the inside of a car up looking for anything to charge someone with? ... (Read 3489 times) 6 Full story

Reports of a Drug bust at the old Crystal Flash on 3rd street

No info yet... photo submitted on our Facebook (Read 4487 times) 0 Full story

ARRESTED by police; ROGER J LUCAS for drug charges

A search warrant served on June 15 at his home where police discovered (read more here) - Roger J Lucas, 46 is a white male, 5'9" tall, 150 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. Arrested Friday Cpt Rob Kittle from the Bartholomew ... (Read 4132 times) 0 Full story

Republic finally prints article portraying Columbus as drug capital of Indiana

Not that Columbuzz had any impact on the local paper reporting the news today, we like to think we had a part in it. ... (Read 5058 times) 11 Full story

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