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METH! The Devils drug, it destroys families, if you suspect it report it...


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What can we do about the Meth situation in this town?

This is the Devils drug, it takes babies from thier mothers fathers from thier children sisters away from thier families and children from thier parents.

I think everyone who suspects meth use or dealing should report it to CPD, people say our Police officers dont do enough in our town and the crime rate has went up. Well as citizens lets do something about. Enstead of complaining about it and siotting back and watchig it happen thets take charge..

If CPD is flooded with calls and locations then maybe just maybe they will take charge of this. This is a terrible thing. Alos think about hoe much money the state spend for foster care of the children that are taken away because of this drug. If we had more rehabs in this town and surrounding cities that actually provided treatment programs and councling sessions for these addicts then I think the problem would subside a bit.

Grant you cant make people stop however you can push themout of our neighborhoods and help intise the police to do thier jobs. I was once told Tough Love is the best love in a situation such as this. If my child has to sit in jail to get clean then so be it, At least I would know that she/he is not putting that needle in thier vein and they are eating and sleeping and not out committing more crimes to feed their addicttion.

***If you agree with this please contact me private message as I am trying to begin a petition to submit to the ledgislation to increase stiffer penalty for meth users and to apply for grants and piblic funding to create more rehabilitaion centers in Bartholomew county.*** 

I cant no longer sit back and watch the people dearest to me suffer over this devil drug. Please post I really would like to get the word out for help and assistance in getting this project up and running.

Centerstone does not have intreatment programs anymore , there isnt even a detox center available in this town. Please help


Received 2-10-13 through Facebook Message. 

***We don't release the names of those who share information, we will ask if the submitter wants their info released.***


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Julie 26/04/2013 06:29:11
I am fed up with this problem in our community as well as the surrounding communities!

This is a very personal issue to me and my family because of my oldest son, 22 years old with 2 young children and they will never know their father unless he gets help. I spoke with the Crisis Hotline about this just last night. There is NOTHING here for this perpetual sess pool of Meth, Heroine, Crack Cocaine... amongst others. Also lost my best friend to Meth about 4 years ago.

My son has been in prison, has a Class D felony, doesn't support his children, tears my family up with the Ups and Downs of the disease. Indiana Legislature has disapproved any funding for Rehab and counseling in and around Columbus, Indiana. There is one in Bloomington, Terre Haute, New Albany and several in Evansville. I have so much more to say, but not enough time and space to do it right now.

I am all for getting a petition going and whatever else that has to be done to do something about this tragedy.
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
Brick Layer 26/04/2013 21:13:05
So...what do you think counseling is going to do? Hmmm....reckon if you knew that he wouldn't need counseling now would he?
Reply Great Comment I'm sorry, but this is wrong!
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