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Jerry Outcalt arrested for beating dog with axe handle for knocking cloths off couch.


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Today 12/28/16 we're told Jake is at home after spending 4 days at the vet with a swollen brain, but he still has 3 skull fractures (one in his eye socket) from his beating racking up over $1600 in bills. The beating was so bad, a judge gave Jake and his owner a protective order. We're told Jerry was released an hour after his arrest on Dec 13th. Below is the account from the arresting officer on-scene.

image Jake recovering from his injuries


Franklin Police Department deputy report for incident 16120568F

On 12/13/16 at approximately 1730 hrs. I responded to 1990 ChurchHill Rd. on a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival I spoke with one of the homeowners, Mindy Thomas. Thomas told me  her roommate, Jerry Outcalt (pictured below), “beat her dog”.

Jerry Outcalt

Thomas went on to say she came home from work today, she was told by Outcalt her dog, Jake, was struck by a car. When Thomas inquired as to why he did not call her at work to tell her what happened, he changed his tune and said he struck the dog after it had become aggressive with him. Thomas told me this was not the first time Outcalt had been physical with Jake.

As I went into the home, I was met by Jake at the front door. He seemed timid and in no way aggressive towards me. Jake came up and sniffed my hand, but seem to be in significant pain. I saw  his right eye was swollen shut and there was a fresh blood on his nose. There were blood drops throughout the kitchen as well. 

I spoke with Outcalt in the backyard, to get away from everyone inside. Outcalt struggled to form the words to describe what happened and would not look me in the eye as he recounted the events. Eventually, Outcalt explain that he let Jake outside into the backyard and after Jake become aggressive toward him he struck him. When I asked what he struck the dog with, Outcalt was less than forthcoming. Outcalt said that he used an axe handle, but when I asked where it was, he refused to answer, nor could he explain how or why Jake became aggressive with him. 

As I explained his story did not make much sense and pressed him for further details, he admitted that he was not telling the truth. Outcalt went on to tell me that he was folding laundry in the living room and had some clothes piles stacked up on the couch. Jake jumped on the couch and knocked some of the clothes down, which Outcalt said “happens all the time”. He added that the dog pants, it upsets him.

After yelling at Jake, Outcalt went out to his vehicle, retrieve an axe handle, which he uses to check for flat tires and went back inside the residence. Upon entering the home, he went after Jake with the Axe handle. After chasing him through the living room, dining room and the kitchen, Jake became trapped in the laundry room. Unable to escape and backed into a corner, Jake became aggressive and grout it Outcalt, while bearing his teeth. Outcalt struck Jake in the head, twice, once in the middle of a skull and the other across the nose with the Axe handle. Outcalt said after the second strike, Jake slumped down and did not really move. He walked outside, put the axe handle back in his vehicle and went about his day. Once Thomas came home, he try to make up a story to explain away what he had done.

Johnson county animal control was called and after their arrival, they suggested Jake be taken to the vet immediately. Mindy, after receiving money from Outcalt, left with Jake to get him looked at. Officer Smiley told me Jake’s skull appeared to be dented, at a minimum, if not fractured and he was behaving as if he was concussed.

I placed out cold in handcuffs, which were checked for proper fit and double lock for his safety. Officer Smiley transported him to the Johnson County Jail, where he was remanded to staff. Animal control officer said they were going to check up on Jake’s condition with the vet and supplement the case with their findings.

We're told Outcalt bonded out within an hour of being arrested. We were also told Jake had swelling of the brain.                                                    


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