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Dash-Cam doesn't match timeline of death of Xavier - sources say he was found at 11:43pm but video time stamp shows 6:40p


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The video released to the public showing a "motorcycle" chase through Bartholomew County - but it is dated May 16, 2016 but Xavier died on Aug 29th 2016. Why is the date different, what excuse will the Sheriff's department give? Did someone hit Xavier causing his collision? Why is the video choppy and the audio cut in and out?

image The rider shown isn't wearing a white helmet or shirt... but officers want you to believe this was Xavier - is it? How can we prove it? was there 2 motorcycles that night?

Bartholomew detectives are investigating the actions of then-Nashville reserve officer Leonard Burch, 25, who began pursuing they believe a Hope teenager, Xavier M. Scrogham, 18, who officers believe was driving at high speeds on a motorcycle at about 11:30 p.m. Aug. 29 on U.S. 31 near Taylorsville. What they should be doing is investigate their own actions and motives. 

In Xavier's case – – notice the date on the video police released. 

The date on Matt Myers video was wrong then you have to wonder what else is wrong with the video. By the way the video is into parts it's not one continuous tape. Why do they need to turn it off and turn it back on nobody knows. FYI

It's said "Xavier Maurice Scrogham, 18, of Hope, was found by a Bartholomew County Sheriff’s deputy at about 11:43 p.m  August 29, 2016." However the video is time stamped at 18:03-18:40 which is 6:03p-6:40p

Yeah. That's a problem for the family.  Also they believe his bike may have been hit

Sheriff’s deputies believe Scrogham was traveling east on Sunland when he missed a sharp turn in the road and left the roadway, deputies said. The motorcyclist went across a grassy area before striking a telephone guide wire, which knocked off his helmet and resulted in Scrogham being thrown from his Honda motorcycle, Bartholomew County Coroner Larry Fisher said.

It's believed Matt is covering somethings up (like everyone else).  

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputy Dane Duke, who is a 20 something cop, found Xavier by seeing the tracks into the grass. There are no tracks into the grass there are tracks on the road but do not lead him to the body. It was midnight, I doubt very seriously if he would've seen those tracks. Is it possible that his inexperience cop was also chasing him and hit him? Just my Opinion

Noah Smith said "I've been to the scene of the crash as a friend of his I had my own curiosity about it so I went and checked it out myself from what I seen, Unexperienced rider and driver error on the road of the crash you can see where the rear break on the motorcycle was locked up leaving a single dark black tire mark for a good 50 yards so speed and driver error is the result in my eyes" 

Gage Clayburn said "the officer did nothing wrong at all, they take an oath to protect the public, and by letting someone do 120mph through Columbus is definitely endangering the public, on or off duty it doesn't matter, I would've made the same call, HOWEVER that is not xavier in the video, me and a few of my friends talked to him a few hours before this happened, he had a white helmet and jacket along with a white bike, in the video it's all red, and no its not the lights reflection"

Family believes CPD, the Bartholomew County sheriff, and Hope, and the Nashville all were trying to catch him. The Bartholomew County police, we're on the scene, the Nashville cop arrived on the scene, the Hope police notified the family. We are not sure about anything about the Columbus police but we know the Nashville guy called out to both Barth County and the cpd.

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