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Columbus Police Subdue North Vernon Man with Stun Gun After collision on Taylor & 31


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image Christopher O May, 25, North Vernon

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On Saturday at approximately 1:15 p.m., Columbus Police officers were notified of a possible intoxicated driver going north on U.S. 31 towards Columbus.   The witness advised a short time later that the driver nearly caused a crash when he disregarded a traffic signal at 25th Street and Taylor Road.  The driver continued north on Taylor Road where he crashed into the back of a vehicle near 31st Street.  The witness stated that the suspect, Christopher O. May, a 25 year old North Vernon resident, exited his vehicle and was seen holding a stun gun. 

Columbus Police Officer Sgt. Jay Frederick arrived at the crash scene and observed May flailing his arms while having the stun gun activated.  Frederick ordered May at gun point to drop his weapon, however May refused to do so.  While May was distracted, Frederick holstered his firearm and moments later discharged his Taser at May, however, it did not penetrate his clothing.  May then advanced towards Frederick with his stun gun activated.  Frederick was able to retreat and reload a second Taser cartridge which was subsequently discharged at May, taking him to the ground.   Officer Greg Ross arrived moments later and assisted Frederick with getting May restrained.  Officers later spoke with witnesses who advised that May had chased and threatened them with the stun gun before the officers arrived.  

The officers had probable cause to believe that May had operated a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant and transported him to Columbus Regional Hospital for a blood draw.  While at the hospital May allegedly kicked a Columbus Police officer in the neck. May was later transported to the Bartholomew County Jail where he is currently under a 48 hour hold on preliminary charges of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, Operating a Vehicle Without Ever Receiving a License, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Law Enforcement, Intimidation, Intimidation of a Police Officer and Criminal Recklessness.

“Sgt. Frederick was able to utilize less lethal measures while faced with a lethal force situation” said Lt. Matt Harris, Public Relations Officer for the Columbus Police Department.   “There is no doubt that his quick reactions and decision making brought this dangerous situation safely to an end.”


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