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WE WERE FAILED BY COLUMBUS POLICE DEPARTMENT - beaten at Sirloin Stockade no arrests


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I have a story. Hello,

I have an incident that I want heard. What happened to my family tonight was awful, disturbing. Something that we will have to work and fight to get over.

My boyfriend, my 3year old daughter and I were meeting his parents for dinner(Sirloin Stockade) approximately 6:45pm February 26, 2016. My boyfriend (******) was walking back to our car from his parents a car almost backed into him.

So he responded "Hey! Look where you're going" it was a young couple like ourselves they argued but had mostly came to an agreement. When 7 or so family members came out yelling had us well surrounded. I admit it got heated but it was from both ends.

Next thing I know one of them who had nothing to do with the situation sucker punched my boyfriend and he fell back on the curb. I immediately called the police. There were 8 officers that showed that I seen. They spoke with us and my boyfriend's parents about the incident, took pictures of his face.

In the meantime other officers spoke to the other party, let me remind you there were 7 or more, so their word against ours since the police didn't see anything. Even though the kid admitted to hitting my boyfriend and saying he had "lethal" hand to an officer.

He didn't go to jail since there were no 'real' witnesses when it happened right outside the restaurant. The officers didn't bother to actually go in and see what witnesses there were. A few mangers had came out so someone seen something. No one bothered to find out who.

I will NOT bring my daughter or family back to that town unless necessary.


The officer that last spoke to us wouldn't even listen to what my boyfriend had to say and walked off because he was wanting to talk. "Well if he isn't going to listen then I will just go" I cannot let our voice go u heard. My boyfriend now has cracked ribs and is in serious pain. He is our provider for our family!!!

I am a stay at home mom at the moment. My boyfriend has to take off work when we can't afford too! I do not feel safe around anyone anymore, we were victimized for something that we didn't even do he spoke his mind because they almost hit him.

I guess hind sight would've been let them hit him it would have at least ended in an appropriate manner from the Columbus Police Department. I hope you take the time to read this. It is very important to us and our family. Monday we will have the police report and are seeking some legal action!

Thank you again for reading!

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family 28/02/2016 23:57:08
cops did not do there job. your brother should have been arrested for battery and charges should have been filed
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